If you are a man stop reading now…part 2

If you are a man and you are still reading this, believe me, you really don’t want to know about the rest of this post. This post is about menopause, periods, hormonal stuff, pms, feelings, etc.

Seriously, stop reading.

Alright girls, time to talk about some real things.

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Today I have some practical ideas for getting things done around your house.

Imagine you have something that is broken. Possibly a slowly draining sink or a broken garbage disposal. You have asked your man if he will take a look at it and he has said “I will later”. Three months later and the problem still exists but you can no longer remind your man about it because he has already made it clear that he thinks you are “nagging” him about it.

Here are some suggestions for getting the job done:

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Call a repair man – or at least pretend to. Casually make a phone call to a friend that is in on the idea. Just talk to her about the problem and make sure you say “it costs how much?”, “well, I guess there is no other choice”, etc. while your husband is in the same room.

Fix it yourself – Our bathroom sink had been draining pretty slowly for quite a while. The other day I remembered we had a “zip-it“. I decided to try using it to get the clog out. It worked! Kind of…I got a bit of really gross stuff out, but much to my surprise, the drain wouldn’t empty at all after I used it. I guess I just pushed the clog further down. Anyway, I researched online, tried the baking soda/vinegar method, asked hubby to pour boiling water down it, waited till the next day and discovered…it still didn’t drain. My husband went to Home Depot, came home, and fixed it for real. Works every time.

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Remind him that allowing whatever to remain broke is like__________– Clothes keep being left on a chair? “That reminds me of this Hoarders episode…” Leaky faucets? Isn’t it weird how much our house sounds like your Dad’s house. Need a new dishwasher? “Remember the news when that lady’s dishwasher caught the house on fire?”.

Well, good luck girls and please let me know if you have any other suggestions for getting things done. I think my husband is starting to catch on to these.

P.S. Here is another women only post…just don’t let your man know.


16 thoughts on “If you are a man stop reading now…part 2

  1. I think it’s crucial that men – husbands and boyfriends especially – read this post.
    Thank you. Now I am forewarned against that evil feminine reverse psychology.

    • I can not believe you kept reading! I specifically told you not to. You should be ashamed of yourself…now…don’t ever buy your wife chocolate! Especially not on Valentine’s Day. 😉

  2. Hee hee. Try giving choices (changing the diaper while I unclog the sink or…..) or (“Why don’t you scoop the poop in the backyard while I unclog the sink”). This weekend this looks like : “You can give the chicken a bath and see if you can get the egg out of her, but make sure you probe her vent gently so you don’t break the egg up in there….. while I unclog the sink.” :mrgreen:

    Poop choices. Gets them every time. Although, vomit works well, too. And period stuff (“Would you take J to the store to help her pick out tampons while I unclog the sink?”) is golden most of the time.

    Why worry about reverse psychology when you give them choices that have them thinking it was all their idea to begin with? 😉

    • Brilliant…I should have thought of that. 😉 We don’t have chicken vents, but we do have a dog, and plenty of kid stuff that would not be fun to deal with. I was cleaning out the trash can that my son had thrown up in one day and he said “I’m sorry mom…you inhale the worst stuff” 🙂 That made it all worth it…well, it still was pretty bad, but he made me smile.

      • There’s always a dog that needs to ‘express’, lol. And chickens have vents? Jeez . . . the things you learn on the internet, LOL!!! You can keep that one, Tikktok: I’d rather muck out the barn – twice! LOL!

        Had me laughing girls – and no, you know us men: a forbidden sign? for god’s sake! that’s just calling us IN!!! But (winking) – you knew that when you posted it, didn’t cha’ . . . (nudge nudge wink wink). Thanks for the great post – and comment string.

        • Yep, chickens have vents (it’s a dual purpose anatomical wonder 😉 ) and you can tell when they need to lay an egg because the vent gets to moving, which I personally think is fascinating. Although, violating a chicken’s vent was never on my bucket list, but since I’ve done it recently, maybe I should put it on there…… :mrgreen:

          You can have the barn mucking….. 😆

          • Putting things you’ve already done on your bucket list is a great idea. Sure I haven’t written a book yet, but “become a writer”…blog writing counts too right? check 😉

  3. Well, since it is obvious that the men are trolling this post for insights into our feminine genius, I am just going to keep my ideas to myself. I’ll tell them to you when we do our tandem jump out of the plane so no one else can hear.

  4. You’d love my take on men, Hobbler: according to genetic science and paleontology – us men are “broke” – quite literally. Apparently life started off as an all “XX” sort of event – and then something happened: one of the arms got ‘broken’ (a stray piece of gamma radiation, a chemical accident, who knows? Call the God police on that one!) – and thus you got the “XY” (male, or men) that happened. Going away ‘in time’ – the theorists (and facts) tend to support the genome is ‘melding’, and healing – in some animal species ‘male’ has completely gone away! They figure it’ll take about a few billion years more to impact OURS though . . . so, alas, you women (and us men) can continue to pull out our collective hair in the “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” kinda way for some time more.

    And as far as us guys? It gives us an EXCUSE for being broken – because we ARE broken on a deeply fundamental, genetic level – therefore I have an excuse when it comes to, shall we say – ‘venting’ and lack of communication skills (eg. asking for directions – or ignoring them sometimes?). It’s that dad-burned gosh-durned broke down “Y” sort of thing . . . which we haven’t gotten around to fixing.

    Or not just yet, anyway.
    There’s a Superbowl coming on 🙂

    • Humanity as a whole is broke in my book. As far as your superbowl comment, I think that sports could be blames for a lot of still-broken things around the house…sports and shopping…we (girls) have our weaknesses too.

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