8 thoughts on “Just for fun…men can fix anything email

    • That is too funny. Just so you know…I think all the guy fixes are very creative and the funny thing is, I think they would all work…well, most of them. At least men can always fall back on the “men drive better” thing. When I stopped driving, I knew the world (or at least our garage) was a little safer.

  1. I LOVE guy fixes because the are the height of creative ingenuity – and as the family knows – I can fix it on my own. (Yeah, I’m a man.) Nothing a little duct tape, wire, cussing, a whole lot of tools . . . the list goes on, LOL!!! But I’ve pulled a few of these kinda ‘tricks’ on my own – and love it.
    See http://thereifixedit.failblog.org for more. But in engineering (and the Marines . . . and as an automotive mechanic) – I was famous for these, LOL!!! Cheaper than going to the store . . .

  2. These are great! I particularly like the cord holder clips. And the plug through the wall? Genius!

    Hunny gets wary when my dad comes for his annual visit. He usually (no kidding) puruses the bathrooms with a roll of duct tape….. gotta love his enthusiastic attitude of being willing to pitch in and help “fix” things without costing us a lot of money. Hunny, being an engineer, hates having things jerry-rigged. He gets fair warning, though, that he’s coming….. 😆

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