I’m sorry to all you men out there.

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It has been brought to my attention that I have been picking on the men, so I thought I should put some great things about men here, to make up for my recent few posts.

Men have a very cute child-like quality about them at times – Ok, so the second grade jokes and farting are not too cute, but when you get sick, you just lay in bed with your poor little red nose and your inability to get up for a drink of water…well, maybe the man-sick thing is not too cute either, but you do plenty of things that make us women laugh and fall in love with you all over again.

Men are great listeners – It really takes a good listener to be able to watch tv while being fully absorbed in whatever we are trying to tell you. I know that you are listening because you mumble uh-huh at just the right moments when we stop talking to take a breath.

Men are always eager to help – not with housework and stuff, but if a pretty woman is walking by, you are so sweet to help her with the door. You also are great helpers when it comes to stranded motorists…as long as it is a stranded woman. Hey, if a man is stranded, he can call AAA.

Before you all start thinking that I hate men or anything, I love my men (husband and son for all you weirdos out there who might have thought something else). They really are two absolutely wonderful men (man and boy if you want to get technical) and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Here are some truly wonderful things about men in general, and I promise I’ll pick on women sometime…just remind me, remembering is something that this woman is not good at.

Men really can drive better – I will probably get some hate-mail from some girls out there, but statistically speaking, there are more men who drive professionally, who know what the mechanic is talking about, and who don’t drive through their garage, etc.

Dare I say it? Okay…please don’t come after me…men are better writers – I know…I know…you don’t have to tell me about wonderful women writers. Some of my favorite authors are women, but I think that there are probably more men who write books that appeal to both sexes than there are women. Just think about 10 of your favorite books…if you only read my blog, you are statistically insignificant, so go read a book or something, then come back. Tom Clancy, Stephen King, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Dr. Phil/Drew/Oz? There are a lot of male writers who have massive audiences. Sure Oprah has a lot, but even she often recommends male authors. I know that many women are great authors, and it could just be the genre I like, but I’m just throwing it out there.

There is nothing sexier than a man playing with his kids – no explanation necessary…wait a second…there is nothing sexier than my man playing with our kids…you substitute your man in there…and don’t being trolling around looking for my sexy husband throwing a ball or giving a piggy-back ride.

8 thoughts on “I’m sorry to all you men out there.

  1. LOL – never had a problem with your good natured jibbing – like it, actually, knowing it’s all meant in good fun. And the truth is there is some truth – sprinkled on both sides of the fence. (Seeing in my head a fence in a pasture surrounded by chunks of cow patty – thrown by both sides.) I love humor no matter what the form. Yeah – I can be kinda cruel that way 🙂

    Keep ‘poking’ – you make me laugh – and yes, I am a man. But man enough to see past the barbs and jibs and know it’s all meant in good jest – and sometimes (like all of us) – maybe a little ‘venting’ – which is cool as well.

    Men are dogs and girls are cats; ones from Venus; the other’s from Mars (and you should see where my antenna hangs!) . . . LOL!

    Until later – and ya’ll have fun 🙂 & happy Valentines from the South!

    • Thanks…I like the idea of being more cat like, but a few of my dog-lover friends might disagree. It is good to know that you (really all of the guys who have commented), don’t mind a few jokes at your expense. I will write about us girls sometime…we have plenty of our own issues. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

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