Where have you been all my life?

Can a person be the opposite of claustrophobic? If anyone out there has had an MRI, you can probably sympathize with the feeling a hotdog must have after being pushed into a bun and smothered with condiments. Since one of the intake questions is “Are you claustrophobic?” I am guessing that some people do not thrive in such an environment.

I am not one of those people. Monday I had another MRI. I have had about 5 or 6 throughout the years, but it was only this most recent experience that the feelings which must have been building, finally had a chance to express themselves. I am in love. There is nothing like being forced to remain perfectly still while you are serenaded with loud rhythmic noises which can still be heard quite clearly through the earplugs.

The techs had hooked me up to an IV, so they could add the contrast magic without having to draw me out of my…cacoon? I’m really not too weird, it is just that my mind would wander from thought to thought, then be interrupted by another round of sounds. It was really quite beautiful, the inability to chase down each obsessive thought, and not to be able to get up and attempt the tasks I thought I should do. Okay…maybe I am kind of weird.

Anyway, it was lovely. Did I mention that this post is kind of pointless?…it is…sorry.


16 thoughts on “Where have you been all my life?

  1. I’m right there with you. I love being inside the machine. It’s almost like meditation. So easy to clear your thoughts and you are nice and cuddly warm with the blanket they put on you. My 11 year old daughter even likes them (she had to have an MRI on her noggin this past year and all is well). She gets jealous of me when I say I have to go for another MRI. lol!

  2. I have not had the pleasure, but you are honestly the first person I’ve heard say something positive about the experience. Besides the lady who had the orgasm in the MRI machine in the name of science.

  3. I am on the other side of the fence with this one, I have hated my MRI experiences. The loud banging, clicking noise and the feeling like I’m going to run out of air, coupled with not being able to move and seeing the “ceiling” so close to my face, uh-uh, don’t like it one bit… Guess I might fall into the claustrophobic category! Glad to hear that you have such a fondness for it though, definitely makes the experience much more enjoyable I’m sure 🙂

  4. MRI’s remind me of my day’s in the Corps (Marine Corps). I used to work on engines (among other things) – and be sleeping with a great big ol’ diesel at my back keeping me warm (and the vibrations feel good). And I *almost* could fall asleep in an MRI machine except for one thing:
    The machine keeps on missing a beat – or ‘running unevenly’ – and as I begin to drift off to sleep I begin to ‘diagnose’ this engine in my mind (“is it an injector missing? A timing issue going on here?”) – which keeps my from getting my doze. LOL. And yes: I was a VERY good mechanic – which, I guess, is why the durn thing bothers me so much. (thumpthumpthump ….. hammer hammer hammer . . . thump.) LOL! You know the drill.

    • That makes sense. I guess MRIs are one place where it helps to have absolutely no knowledge of mechanics. 😉 If you get a chance, I would love if you would try my Best Liar challenge. It is a previous post, but it is so much fun.

  5. Seriously! MRI’s are the bomb. Where else can you lay in complete silence while hunky young men wait on your hand and foot. Bringing blankets, changing the music channels, whispering sweet nothings into your ear about how much time they have left until they finish, etc. For realz. Love my MRI’s. Great post!

  6. Isn’t it funny, I feel similar. If I let myself focus on what’s happening, I start to feel a slight panic, but I also seem to be able to meditate into my happy place while in the tube. I’ve had 5 MRI’s in a year and a half. I find that I’m dissapointed when it’s over.

    • There seem to be a few of us out there, but apparently most people still don’t enjoy it too much. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always nice to know that there are others out there who feel the same way…at least about some things. 😉

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