Best things about doing laundry: Top ten

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Since I hate doing laundry, but am not a nudist, I thought I should use the “power of positive thinking” mumbo-jumbo to discover my hidden passion for the mountains of dirty and clean clothes that have taken over my life.

10. The satisfaction of a job well done – There is nothing better than putting that last shirt away and knowing that the laundry has finally been caught up with. Of course, that feeling only lasts for a second before the realization that you haven’t changed into your pajamas yet hits.

9. The joy of choosing different detergents each with their own unique scent – unless of course you mistakenly choose a scent that makes you feel sick to your stomach and now you have 63 more loads before you will get to try your luck with the aisle of detergent again.

8. Accidentally washing the receipt that was hiding out in your jean pocket – this doesn’t sound good, but if we are going to “positive think” laundry, we might as well “positive think” the possibility of never being able to return that shirt that we bought when we were still in our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight stage. Might as well start accepting the fact that you will never fit into a size _____ no matter which brand you buy.

7. The fun of sorting socks – It is so great to be able to match socks and then pull out each sock that doesn’t have a match from your sock drawer in hopes that one of the extras from this laundry load will find its long-lost “sole-mate”. This rarely happens, but just keep saving those singles…you never know when you may need them to teach a spoiled child how, when you were a kid, even socks could be used as toys.

6. Discovering that your older-than-dirt washer or dryer has destroyed one of your favorite articles of clothing – if it destroys a few more similar wardrobe pieces, you get to go shopping right? Of course, the new stuff could just as easily be destroyed…

5. Remembering that bedding needs to occasionally be cleaned as well – everyone likes to sleep on clean sheets right? I do find it a little strange how my family never seems to get sick or spill something on their beds unless they recently got clean sheets though.

4. The smell of mildew if you forget to finish a load – While you try to rid the house of that nauseating scent, odds are you will clean some other things in the process, and that is good right?

3. You can just put a load in and go relax – relax as much as possible, knowing that in an hour you will have to switch, fold, sort, iron, put away, possibly re-wash all the clothes you just started.

2. Your husband and children appreciate the hard work so much – yeah, I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one either.

1. It is never over – that’s right, you get to go over this list of wonderful things about doing laundry a few times each day or week for the lucky ones.

Maybe we should just start burning our clothes…

24 thoughts on “Best things about doing laundry: Top ten

    • Maybe we should start a “” website for socks…we’d probably have to call it sole-match or something, but I know that there are many desperate socks out there.

  1. You missed out THE best thing about doing laundry – when you’re cold, there’s nothing greater than taking a bundle of warm clothes out of the dryer and hugging them against your face. Well ok, maybe there are some greater things, but in terms of laundry…

  2. I absolutely love throwing things in the washing machine and don’t mind putting them in the dryer. It’s when I get to the folding and putting away part of the process that I start procrastinating. That tends to back up the whole cycle, unfortunately.

    • That’s the worst part for me too. It just seems kind of pointless to put everything away when you are just going to have to get it out the next day…especially kid stuff.

  3. I’m voting for nudity myself . . . but then again, considering some of the people I’ve seen (including in the mirror!) – I guess the chance of everyone going blind might be a bit of a drawback. . . .

    And as for the disposable clothes idea – you have seen the paper Tyvek suits, haven’t you? A little coloring with crayons and magic markers and you’ve got a fashion statement . . . what that statement IS, of course, remains to be seen. Or unseen. (I’ve actually done that one before: had a Tyvek suit at work I colored to look like a Tuxedo . . . yeah; too much time on my hands, LOL!)

  4. Soooo funny… I hate laundry…it’s always there….it always waits for’s so monotonous…(sp?)…..and it takes up time that I could use to do…..I don’t know but something??? ….Diane

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