Best Liar Answers

In my last post I awarded myself with the Best Liar Award…you can give it to yourself too if you want; it has no rules. Anyway, the fact/fiction statements I chose were:

1. When I was a child, my whole family went dumpster diving.
2. I can play just about any song on the piano.
3. I am scared of water.
4. I once threaded a chain through my nose and out my mouth.
5. At one time I seriously considered joining the circus.
6. One of my favorite pizza toppings is anchovies.

True = 1,3,& 4

Everybody has done those right?

Apparently I am not the Best Liar afterall because becomingcliche guessed all three correct. It takes one to know one right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has all three of those.

It has been fun and I hope to see some more lies from all of you soon. In case you wanted an explanation…#1 was a dumpster dive at radioshack, looking for stuff to pawn, we were poor and I was actually in a dumpster. #3 is because I don’t swim well at all. Even worse now that I’m in a 400lb wheelchair. #4 I saw someone on tv do it. I was a teenager, and on drugs…DON’T DO DRUGS KIDS! Horrible experience even when high…


11 thoughts on “Best Liar Answers

  1. Wow. I think I picked exactly the wrong answers.
    Had a friend in college who could pass a gold chain up one nostril and down the other. He did so much cocaine that the cartilage collapsed….
    You should put a pontoon under your chair, and add paddles to the spokes!

    • You got #3 right, and I don’t think the pontoon would help much. I watched that movie…Deep Water I think where the passengers of a party type boat all jump or get pushed off and most of them die. I will still get on boats because my husband and kids love the ocean, but I just talk myself into being ok with death so that I can relax on board.

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