No Rules Best Liar Award

Best Liar Award

If anyone has ever received one of the many blog awards that are floating around out there, you probably know the mixed emotions of being extremely flattered at being chosen for such an honor, yet you also might be a little annoyed at all the strings attached. The best parts of these awards is getting to know each other a little better, so I have an idea…

To address the award rules problem, I am creating a no-strings attached Best Liar award.

I’m going to tell you six things about myself. Three will be true, three lies. If you want, guess which is which. In a few days, or in the comments, or however I want to do it, since there are no rules; I will divulge my deep, dark secrets.

If you want to do this, I would love to guess some of yours, so make your own blog entry about it and give me a link…unless you don’t want me to know, in which case you are kind of mean, but whatever…there is no rule saying you have to thank me for the awesome idea. Also, if you want to hear someone else’s truths and lies, you could send them the Best Liar link, but they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to. Okay, here we go:

1. When I was a child, my whole family went dumpster diving.
2. I can play just about any song on the piano.
3. I am scared of water.
4. I once threaded a chain through my nose and out my mouth.
5. At one time I seriously considered joining the circus.
6. One of my favorite pizza toppings is anchovies.

40 thoughts on “No Rules Best Liar Award

  1. Oh, how fun! Totally doing this next week. I’ll link you up and credit you!

    My guesses: 1, 3 and 4 are true. The chain thing was so very random it just has to be true! (please let it be true!)

    • I am so glad that you will be doing it…I thought I would send the link to you just to see what you would put. I am not going to give the answers away yet, but just remember, I could have seen some crazy stuff on tv or something…or not 😉

  2. what a crazy idea for an award 😀 totally cool 🙂
    I am glad A Paki Boy reblogged it.

    And I can’t leave without stating my guess – I think 1, 2, & 4 are totally not true.

    • Come on…I know you have some lies in you somewhere. The best thing about this award is that you don’t have to respond if you don’t want to, but I was going to send you the link if you hadn’t seen this. I was really hoping you would do it, but if you want to totally depress me, it’s okay…I am not very suicidal today. 😉

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  6. LOL, I have a very hard time lying (a problem – can you believe that?) Voted most honest out of 480 employees. And on my performance review forms? The areas that they said I needed ‘improvement’? Get this (Because . . . sighing again – it’s true):
    1) Need to lie more often.
    2) Needs to learn to beat around the bush, and
    3) Needs to learn how to make people feel good about their screw-ups.

    That went on for 4 years, at which point my manager decided (I worked in engineering) – that I wasn’t going to meet those goals and they had to come up with some new ones.

    Weird, huh. And I never could decide what their suggestions said about me – or the company that I worked for.

    (And plus, PS: as I showed them time and time again: if you beat around a bush long enough – you’ve defined it. They weren’t real pleased with me and my blunt honesty – but they hung onto me because – well, I’m ‘smart’. “Scary smart” a couple of managers & engineers told me. Go figure. Because I never could figure out what they meant by that. LOL – so much for being smart; I should’ve been able to figure that one out!)

      • Yeah. And they call ME scary! Scary is when they are wanting you to lie to the FDA, ASME, UGA, UL, NSF, and a couple other dozen Federal, State, and gov. agencies – and ‘they’ (the CEO’s and their supporting managers) think it is the right thing to do!!!

          • To be honest: regarding some military stuff and all – I’d lie. Or at least stay shut-up. Still do on some issues. But what I was referencing to was regarding some rather large outfits; civilian companies. Won’t say who. But I actually sat in one meeting where the CEO said: “Let them die (if they cannot afford our own products).” This regarding poor people. He was all into making profit – but for who? “The Company”; that’s all. A non-living entity which has, in corporations throughout the world, taken on a ‘life’ of their own which is not very empathic nor compassionate towards mankind. It’s a really scary system run by accountants who are ruled by one word: Profit. Not greed: just profit, because they don’t make any more. It’s really weird, and IMO, gone out of control.

            • That really is out of control. It is so sad how little compassion people have. I’ve been in some pretty rough spots, so I guess I have a lot of empathy for others, but so many large companies got where they are off the backs of others. I don’t know how then can sleep at night.

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  11. Hobb, if I may call you that, I want to tell you six things about myself.
    1. I’m the illegitimate son of Bill and Shirley Gates* (she was a consort he had a tryst with before he married his current wife.
    2. I sailed around the world solo when I was 14/12 years old.
    3. I live in a cardboard box under the interstate outside of Phoenix Arizona.
    4. I’m the author of the funniest blog in the world, .
    5. I have a Ph. D. in nuclear phisycs.
    7. I can count to the number six.
    *Just so there is no mistake, it is not that Bill Gates.
    Great post! J.

  12. I want to play! I know I’m late but I scrolled down super-fast so I could post my guess before reading in the comments to ruin the fun. I guess 1, 3 and 5 are true.

    Now I’ll go read the comments.

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