Thought for the day…

From my 7-year-old:

There are two types of funerals right? One’s when someone dies, and the other’s when someone gets married.


16 thoughts on “Thought for the day…

  1. I have called weddings “The Death of a Bachelor” since my younger days; us bachelors would treat it like a funeral. I even have a special piece of jewelry I wear to each one! (Funerals and Weddings, that is.) It is a skeleton contemplating his navel (if he had one). Funeral; wedding – makes no difference, I bring my little friend along. And yeah: people look at me weird. But I’ve been getting weird looks for so long I kinda think they are normal.

    Very astute for a 7 year old kid. Congratulations..

  2. Just to pose an opinion in opposition: If my children ever feel a need to say such a terrible thing to me, I will know that I have taught them nothing about relationships.

    Interesting conversations children have….someone could write a book on them! πŸ™‚

    • I am pretty sure that he just couldn’t remember what weddings were called. He knew the difference, but I did remind him of the correct name. It was funny though, and in a way, both really do signify an end of one thing and a beginning of something new.

      • Haha, true. Sometimes children call things very interesting alternatives. Yes, they do both signify those things, I just did not take your original post that way. πŸ™‚

        I guess the symbolism from funerals is so strong that I wouldn’t associate the two events at all, because I see relationships (not just marriage) as completing a major part of life. Before marriage is chaos and “nothingness” and your young adult life is spent trying to find someone to share your experiences with. When you do, nothing has ended, but everything has begun.

        Just a matter of perspective, I suppose! πŸ˜›

        • I think you are right about just different perspectives. Before I was married, I didn’t want to find anyone. I had tons of plans and dreams, and none of them required or even would be improved upon if I was in a relationship. My plans and dreams are quite different now, but I really enjoyed my singleness before, and I really enjoy my marriage and kids now. πŸ™‚

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