To all my PETA friends:

Thank you for working so tirelessly to ensure that animals have equal rights. There is a little thing bothering me though…

I have almost been cleared to take part in a very limited (only 856 people in he whole world) clinical trial for a blah, blah, blah, blah study of the efficacy of blah, blah, blah, blah in subjects with blah blah blah. I had to condense the terms of the trial for space purposes.

Anyway, this is all well and good…great actually, but one thing that I think all of our test-animals would have wanted is that human test objects would have pretty good treatment also if they chose to dedicate their bodies to the crazy world of pharmacological advances.

So, I guess what I am wondering is…where is my ready to eat meal? Apparently most of the animals who participated in drug testing received some form of nutrition to ensure that they did not starve to death while the world waited for their trial results. Don’t get me wrong here…I am not starving, but as a person who hates to cook, I am a little offended at the lack of attention to meal prep for us human, pardon the term, “guinea pigs”.

Anyway, I don’t expect anything as extreme as tying yourself to a tree in protest, but if you wouldn’t mind, please lend a girl a hand and help get legislation in the works for gourmet chefs in the kitchens of each clinical trial participant (even if we are people). Thanks!

If you have been offended by anything in this post, please understand that I just picked PETA because it deals with drug trials. Nothing personal, so please don’t ask your pets family members to stop reading my blog.


6 thoughts on “To all my PETA friends:

  1. How exciting for you!!! I would add, though- they need to show in the chef AND a masseuse/masseur. Indeed. I’m sure those dogs/animals get massages if their muscles get adversly affected in any way…. :mrgreen:

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