I thought after my liar post…

Trying to tell some people that you don’t really like getting those rule-bound awards is like trying to nail jello to a tree…oh…awkward…I just received the Glitter E. Yaynus Award from Nailing Jello To A Tree. Ummm well, I guess I’m in it now.

Glitter E Yaynus

Thanks…really…I was just joking earlier…

Anyway, the rules for this one are: thank the nominator, and confess 5 things about myself that make others want to kill me and list 5 things I’d be willing to shove up my derriere if held at gunpoint and forced to do so.

I just can’t thank you enough Nailing Jello.

One of the great things about being in a wheelchair is that most people pretend like they don’t want to kill me, but I imagine if they did, it would be for:

1. Being to slow. It’s kind of like road rage, but at slower speeds.
2. I think I’m funny…more often than I actually am funny. It gets annoying.
3. I’m actually pretty moody. One of my kids asked if I know how to laugh once. It made me even more depressed than usual. I’m trying to work on that one.

Sorry, but that is all I can think of now. Next time someone says “I want to kill you because of that” I will be sure to write it down.

As far as sticking things where the sun doesn’t shine, I don’t know…a suppository maybe? Oh, I’ve got one, baking  soda and vinegar. If you are going to stick something up there, you might as well make it interesting.

Because I am so nice, I am not going to pass this award on to anyone. If I visit your blog quite often, you are probably one of the one’s I would have chosen. Feel free to sing my praises for not sharing another rule award…just don’t sing too loud, I don’t want to attract any more attention to this blog, people might want to pass on some more awards.


12 thoughts on “I thought after my liar post…

  1. Thank you so much for not nominating me (or any one else) for this very special and prestigous award. I don’t even want to think about sticking something up my ‘sore ass’ today. If you read my blog you’ll understand what I mean. Enough said for now, and thanks again for the non-nomination. You’re the best. T

    • Thanks…I’ve been cellphone blogging and haven’t figured out how to drag the pic over without moving the whole screen. It’s like I’m in the stone age with this thing. 😉 I guess I’ll get on the real computer tomorrow and add it.

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