Hobbling around the issues: Politics

When it comes to politics, there is definitely plenty of drama going on. I wasn’t sure if this would really qualify as an “issue” but then I saw a commercial that convinced me it was worth talking about.

Call me crazy, but until seeing this ad, I had no idea the Olympics were in trouble, and to think that one man could “rescue” them is amazing! If he can single-handedly rescue the Olympics, imagine what he could do for our country.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I understand the desire of a candidate for president to do anything possible to win, but am I the only one who is completely fed up with the drama involved?

To be completely honest, I don’t really care who the next president is. I’m still going to vote, but I think that none of the “pre-election” promises can hold any water. Whatever happened to honesty? Someone needs to hold a press conference and say “I don’t know what would happen if I was elected. There are so many hoops that I would need to jump through to get anything passed, so what is the point of promising something when there is no way I could control the outcome of whatever it is that I want to accomplish. Just vote for me, and we’ll see what happens.”

Instead, we hear about past decisions, inflated egos, lifestyle choices, what the other people are doing wrong, etc. It wears me out. I really just want WhatIMeantToSay (perfect name for a politician) to get in there with Wonderbutt and the crew, and rename all the titles to something cute, like WonderWhatThey’reThinking, WhatILiedAbout, WhereIsThePressWhenINeedThem, etc.


14 thoughts on “Hobbling around the issues: Politics

  1. Politics, much like math, cause my brain to freeze up, my eyes to glaze over and before you know it – I’m snoozing. I hate the subject so much in fact that I am on the verge of rejecting an offer to go out with a guy who seems to talk way too much about politics and aside from that, he’s a GREAT guy – wonderful sense of humor, intelligent, handsome, great job – but it his talk of politics that simply bores me to tears.

    • Wow, breaking up with a guy over it…that’s impressive. It really just seems so pointless to me. Like listening to a car dealer trying to talk you into buying something that you know you can’t afford, but he just won’t shut up.

      • But I was soooooo bored. And here’s the kicker. I did tell him quite honestly how I felt about politics and talking about it and ya know what happened the next time he called? He had nothing to say! That was my clue to bail while I had the chance! Car dealer = YES! Perfect analogy!

  2. Love your answer. I’ll go hold that press conference if you will drive me there and pay for my hotel to spend the night! (you get to stay too, if you want).

    I also love the attention you’ve drawn to the Olympics. Seriously? ONE MAN? He can do that all by himself? He must be a pretty powerful guy… 🙂

    • Thanks…it sounds like a great road trip, but I can’t drive. As far as the Olympics…I still can’t believe his supporters even put that on their commercial.

  3. Sadly, that’s the state of politics these days. Instead of reaching for vision and grand ideas, politicians play to the lowest common denominator.
    “Throw the bums out” is the phrase that comes to mind…

    • It really is sad. When I was a kid my parents would have us all be quiet for political things. Now I just turn the tv of even if it’s a debate or the president’s on. At least I can trust my kids.

  4. I keep voting for Mickey Mouse but he never gets the job. Maybe I’ll write Goofy in this next time. Seems to fit the situation. (And yes, I did vote for Yosemite Sam during the Reagen era – and look! it came true!) LOL!

    No good choices this season. I say we shoot them all and start over again – at the turkey farm (where this last crop of politicians seem to have come from!).

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