Here’s another challenge for everyone…

I have another idea. What if we, as narcissistic bloggers, were to go a whole day without saying “I”. I am obviously not doing this today, but tomorrow might be kind of fun to try it. Since everyone loves awards so much, let’s call it the “Not a Narcissist” award. Here is a google pic so that we can proudly display our latest award if we complete this challenge.

I told you I was not a narcissist!

Now, if you would excuse me a second…I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I… thought I’d better get some out of my system…detox is going to be hard.

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  1. We think we would manage this task wonderfully, as there are really just too many personalities floating in our skull to be referred to in the singular. What a wonderful idea…we shall have to try it.

  2. […] to type than it should have been. While perusing blogs an interesting one came to my attention  Here’s another challenge for everyone… by The Hobbler. The challenge is to not use  the singular pronoun referring to oneself. Thus […]

  3. Nope. Not gonna happen on my watch. Oh heh. Maybe it wouldn’t be that hard- we’re talking only about the third vowel, yes? But other whole words with both consonants and vowels, like me or mine- would be acceptable? One must have to think deeply about this. Fortunately, keystrokes aren’t recorded, are they? 😉

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *laughing hysterically* We did NOT consider that a possibility and we definitely find it amusing that we did not think about it. It will be amusing to see how effective we can be at this game.

        By the way, what do we win?

        • The prestigious “Not a Narcissist” award to display on your blog, is the prize. (Although I did just copy the pic from a google image search).

          • KK. Perspective is all over this rock and roll party. We will play with multiple personality disorder, and dissociative personality disorder (third-person singular). 🙂 What is it called when one refers to oneself not in third person singular but as a reporter watching action on a racetrack? And is “oneself” considered third person or dissociative? 😀

    • Maybe Hotspur could refer to himself in third person but that would be CHEATING! Okay, so that is actually my plan too. It does kind of take the excitement out of the idea though. At least The Hobbler thinks so.

    • I do too…I know you probably think that I don’t because I am not like those guys I hate, but I really am.

      Seriously though, I am impressed that you had already written tomorrow’s post.

  4. I have 4 sets of “Tag” questions to respond to. And I’m pretty sure I left some out.
    I’m really usually a jerk about these things…

        • Lizzie wonders then is this the twist that the Guapman had mentioned earlier…all those Twitter names will come in handy Liizzie thinks no? lol Is it only for tomorrow? Lizzie got a challenge link on …is it just eye ot me and my too? Lizzie of the cracked is cracking up at hte thought but the post lizzie wrote is kinda ..profound and not so funny and Lizzie wants to know it Lizzie does only that post and does not refer in anytoher way to Lizzie in the singular first person can Lizzie still play?

  5. Me going to talk like Cookie Monster for One Whole Post…. 😉 Although methinks referring to myself as me might still defeat the not-a-narcissist plan, so me better think of better plan. Anyone got cookie? 😉

    • You’re pretty good already. Most people are saying “eye”, or using 3rd person. I am just planning on kissing everyone’s butt tomorrow; since I can’t talk about myself.

  6. Interesting … can’t see pulling it off on EVERYTHING, though. Of course we use ‘we’ a LOT – our trouble is using ‘I’, LOL!!! Especially in our writing. But then again ‘we’ have thought in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’ and ‘ours’ ever since we were a young child – especially during those more stressful sorts of times! (Child abuse: the gift that just keeps on giving. Ugh.) Which was one of the shrink’s clues that ‘we’ weren’t normal (we thought we were! After all, no one questions the way they are thinking, which is interesting enough to me. Me being a single personality within the whole group, LOL!)

    Great thing about being a DID system: at least we’re not gonna die lonely! LO wild (okay, maybe a bit maniacal) Laughter. Will give it a shot. Maybe. (tuff one).

  7. GAME ON! Does this competition apply to all day long or just during our blog posts? And, are we allowed to use third-person, plural pronouns, etc.?

    If that’s the case, we can just go back to being schizophrenic for a day or so and win this contest together…. *evil grin*

    We accept your challenge, Queen Hobbler.

  8. […] of you that are wondering what the hell is going on with the 3rd person pronouns, El Guapo blames The Hobbler. It is totally her fault. and he believes First person pronouns in the questions themselves are […]

  9. Bummer, Nailing Jello was out of town and couldn’t respond sooner. She shall see about attempting this challenge in her next post!

  10. Better late than never and surprisingly easy for us to do since we’re sorta separated from one another anyway: writing in the third person is simply like about writing about ourselves, just seen from another alter’s perspective (sort of). LOL, we kinda did that in the book we wrote: about alters from some other alters point(s) of view (didn’t realize that until last year.

    Anyway, not a GOOD one (meaning beware: some of my stories have some ‘bite’ in them or to them) – and this one is true:

    • Thank you for sharing your story, and yeah, I bet that challenge was easy for you. 😉 It would probably be much more difficult to go without saying we. It did have bite though, but I guess life in general has bite. Sometimes it is good to feel uncomfortable. It is a reality check.

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