My evil plan is working

Sorry so many posts today, but I thought I had better brag about myself today since I am going to try not to say “I” tomorrow. Today I was nominated for 4 awards…yes, you heard me…my reverse psychology is apparently working.

Here are the awards, and since I am so awesome now, I am not going to follow any of their rules…that is for the commoners. I will say thank you to cONTEMPORARY mUSINGS for the awards. (Just because they were all from one person who was short-cutting the rules doesn’t make them any less special).

Mrs. Sparkly award

Now, just for clarification, I really don’t want awards for my blog, unless they don’t have rules, or if you don’t care when I don’t follow the rules. Never mind, just bring on the awards.

(I am really not as self-absorbed as this post appears. I do appreciate the nominations…that said, I am an award-winning liar, so I’ll let you figure out the truth).


27 thoughts on “My evil plan is working

    • So, it’s confirmed. The Best Liar award and the Not a Narcissist award are my creations, though I haven’t awarded the narcissist one to myself yet. I’ve got to try to go without saying “I” tomorrow first.

  1. I tanked on Hotspurs post Running Naked With Narsscissors.
    Now I can go back to being a Non-Narcissist by not having to think about me and how to refer to me in every comment.
    Funny how that backfired…

    Well done, Hobbler! Big Fun!

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