Are you having fun yet?

If you are…what do you think about playing a game next Friday? It should be a lot of fun, and it hasn’t been done before, that this writer knows of. There will be some rules, but nothing to dramatic. Just let me know…

18 thoughts on “Are you having fun yet?

  1. El Guapo is concerned that The Hobbler has come up with a new layer of devilishness that will cost El Guapo more of his limited resources of sanity.
    That being said, Sure!

    • This one is a little different. It doesn’t require much thinking, and you can pretty much go on like normal…you just start a ball rolling basically. Hopefully it works like it is in my mind. 😉

  2. We can play this game every Friday and just change the rules each time!

    Perspective thinks that you should only explain limitations, though, not rules which “Allow” certain things. It makes it more fun to see how creative people can get! However, we may need to participate on Saturdays because sometimes the work schedule changes each week.

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