Final thoughts…

It is a funny thing how sometimes you don’t see yourself clearly in a dirty mirror…what The Hobbler is trying to say is that after a long, fun day of blogging about her lack of narcissism, she realized that she is not nearly as narcissistic as some other people.

To prove this, she is gracefully dropping out of this challenge and awarding the Most Narcissistic Blogger to Edward Hotspur! This challenge was actually to show that you are Not a Narcissist, so everyone else wins. Congratulations!

Oh yeah, I.

22 thoughts on “Final thoughts…

  1. fun fun fun ..:-) I have to say I think it’s amusing how Hotspur kinda slid right into that and
    didn’t really see it coming….Captain Guap did a fantastic job and deserves honorable mention although the narcissistic hat is not one he wears in great fashion – OMG I found something he can;t do! except he did …oh goodness ….uhh sorry sidetracked there… and Hobbler -brilliant idea and you kept the challenge going splendidly so don;t feel guilty… it;s all in good fun and anything you really might have meant – no one has to really know right? In fact – i think what we have learned is that all of us that participated are truly NOT narcissistic because we did it to help Edward shine! 🙂 And he did too.. Narcissists don’t generally make group efforts for the good of others do they?

  2. I must say, I rather enjoyed it m’own self tho I didn’t win or lose (or play) and I owe Hotspur a congrats and an apology for my not-very-good-humor in a comment to his post where he answered all his tagee question in the third (nonnarcissistic?) personhood!!!!!
    WTG Hotspur!!!
    WTG Hobbler!!!
    WTG ElGuapo!!!
    WTG whatimeant2say (she would be automatically disqualified, eh, due to her name?!?!? – sad:(
    WTG lizzielicked!!!!
    WTG all the small people!!!!

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