To the readers,

You follow people…
Not knowing why.
They could be maniacs
Who like to lie.

They might be up
At 5 am
Hoping you don’t
Reply to them.

Your dedication
Does ensure
That their stupid idea
Is now torture.

Alas, they can not
Go back now,
Because you are hoping
They won’t know how;

To write with grace
To write with style
To make you laugh
Or at least smile.

It is for you
That writers write
That narcissist’s crave
Your constant sight.

Oh you are loved,
Now go away.
Some writers will have
A busy day.

They will reread
Each little line
Their kids will probably
Start to whine.

Because they lost
Their mom or dad
Narcissistic blog checking
Will make them sad.

So don’t forget
Your little one
As we attempt to
Have some fun.

You may also
Want to try
In real life, not saying
The letter ________.

10 thoughts on “To the readers,

  1. Love it! Perspective has not gotten to post yet because she has been working on homework. She has one to write and it involves interviewing a professor of hers, so that particular post may take a few days.

    She doesn’t like to blog about nothing, though. So check out her thoughts on Lifelong Student of Business @

  2. Cute tie in to the theme.
    Honestly, having messed up, I am now relieved at being able to refer to myself normally and not have to think about it.
    Having spent the day not using “I”, I’m pretty using it now doesn’t make me a narcissist.
    Though I think I had to up my self absorption by trying to refer to myself as other…
    There’s a conundrum for ya!

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