About that game I mentioned…

Last Saturday, several of us bloggers participated in the Not a Narcissist challenge. It was so much fun, one person suggested we do it every week. I’m ok with that, but I have another idea for a kind of game that I think might be fun. It would be hard to top the Narcissist thing, so please lower your expectations for this one.

I will give more details later in the week, but I was thinking, let’s do this one on Friday and Saturday. That way it should work with more people’s schedules. Anyway, I hope that works. I am going to shut up before I over-Analyze this to death. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “About that game I mentioned…

  1. over analysis paralysis – it has the word anal in it –
    I suffer from it horribly – well not so much but I used to analyze everything right down to the words I chose – so frustrating – whatever you think up will be fun i’m sure – 🙂

    • It is really horrible…and it seems even worse if I’m hormonal. One of the hardest things about it is the feelings of frustration when you realize that you have or are doing it. Talk about self-destructive cycle.

      • I have done it to the point of tears on something as silly as – cheeseburger or chicken sandwich – and it usually happens to me at least once a day – if I am on a down swing it is just where I tend to stay for awhile – klonopin and the ‘what if’ game are pretty good for relieving the pressure…cept the what if game poses some pitfalls too – so usually i take a klonopin – 3 if it’s really bad 🙂 after of course anylyzing the downfall of taking a whole days worth in one sitting – and THEN play the what if game…

        • I have a prescription, but I never think about taking it in the heat of the moment. I usually take it before bed…so I’m a normal person in my dreams. 😉 Some day we should just get together somehow with some of the other OAs and just tell eachother something that we freakishly are over-analyzing. I always wanted to just find some people who could actual follow my train of thought when we go from “the dentist says it’s ok” to “I don’t want my son to be the kid with the weird tooth.”

          There really should be a support group.

        • How about I really start having a WordPress OAA humorous meeting each Monday and you, and a few other bloggers who have said they can relate, can create an email me characters who will show up at the meetings? Just a thought…

  2. Speaking of the last competition, please feel free to visit Lifelongstudentofbusiness to see the two newest posts (neither of which contain the word I, and both contain minimal – if any- reference to self. 🙂 *very smug*

    It is an easy habit to break, really. Can’t wait for the next challenge! It will be so much fun!

    • Thanks, I hope so… I actually have a couple of ideas, but I am not sure which we should do…one would be a game, and the other a challenge…Maybe we could do both, the game doesn’t require much.

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