OAA meeting…

Sign on door: “Don’t Let You Over-Analyze You”

Bob: Hi, I’m Bob, it looks like it’s going to just be us tonight, but that’s alright, more will probably come next week. What is your name?

Sue: Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Sue…I know it’s kind of forward, but can I ask you something?

Bob: Sure.

Sue: Forward was probably the wrong word to use, but anyway, that sign over the door; which “you” am I?

Bob: I’m not sure I’m following…

Sue: Well, if I am the first “you” than I am kind of being a bully by over-analyzing the other “you”.

Bob: I see, but it’s not like she’s being a bully, the sign is just saying that some people are too hard on themselves.

Sue: Oh, I know that’s true, sometimes I just beat myself up…but that means I’m being a bully right?

Bob: No Sue, you’ve got to remember who you’re beating up.

Sue: But that’s the other “you”. If I’m that “you” then the sign is telling me to stop being such a pushover right?

Bob: Kind of, but by coming to this meeting you are taking the first step toward standing up to your inner bully.

Sue: I thought this group was about over-analyzing. I don’t need some sort of self-defense/karate training.

Bob: It’s not a self-defense training. It’s an over-analyzer anonymous meeting.

Sue: Are you getting mad at me? You sound annoyed. I didn’t come here for you to just make me feel bad. I already do that to myself.

Bob: I’m not mad at you…I’m just…never-mind. Listen, I like you and I think that you are doing a great thing by coming here. Let’s just forget about the sign. How do you feel about yourself tonight?

Sue: I came here feeling hopeful, and then I got confused by the sign…now I don’t know if you are just trying to blow me off, hitting on me, or just doing what meeting leaders are supposed to do. I’m really just tired of thinking at all.

Bob: You know what? I’m a little tired too. Let’s just pick this up next week when we are both a little more energized.

Sue: Okay, that sounds good. Same time?

Bob: Yep, 7:00. Thanks for coming. (Thinks to himself, “at least we got past the sign”).

Sue: (In the distance) Do you think I should park a little farther away next week just in case more people come?

Bob: Any spot should be fine Sue. (Hits head on wall)

Join us next time when we meet Bill and Jill, the paranoid twins.

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23 thoughts on “OAA meeting…

  1. I’m worried that if Bob and Sue sat next to me in a bar I would have waaayyyy too much fun at their expense.
    On the bright side, I wouldn’t analyze my behavior then at all…

    • Having fun at their expense might help Sue toughen up a little.

      Do you analyze your behavior a lot? You seem pretty easy-going to me…not that you’re easy…or supposed to be going anywhere. I guess you could be going somewhere, but you’re not right? Surely you are not going to be easy… 😉

    • If you send me a character, either based on yourself or not, and give it a name, she/he can come to the meeting. I will link the character to your blog, and if you have a situation that you would like to talk about with the counselor, I will summon my other half and try to make it funny.

    • Thanks! It is me too…both parts (except I’m not a guy). When I am not OA then I’m trying to be a therapist. On a side note, I thought I already wrote this, but I can’t find it…if this is the second reply I’ve sent sorry. 🙂

  2. should of read this one first huh? is it ok that i put the comment about over analysis paralysis on the other post? I mean It could be construed as I am not paying attention or that I …..
    LOVE this! 🙂

    • The great thing about over-analyzers is that usually we are so focussed on what we are/have/will/should be doing, we don’t even notice when others make mistakes…it sounds a little narcissistic when I put it that way, and actually I think it is, and I know I am at least a little narcissistic, but my over-analysis of narcism has helped me see that everyone is pretty self-absorbed.

      What I mean is, don’t worry about it. 😉

      • well yeah – that is a good point of over analyzing – never thought about it that way – always look for the bright side ! 🙂 narcissim itself is just a personality trait that we all possess at some level from my understanding of personality traits and disorders – it;s when it gets destructive to our normal flow of life or affects our life in a negative way that narcissistic behavior is not good but for some reason nobody wants to admit they have any narcissistic tendencies – because if you say yeah I am a little narcissistic – people start making the sign of the – you know that thing where you cross your fingers and hold it up? lol – i could be totally wrong on this but i don’t know why this personality trait would be considered different from the others?

        • I think people hate narcissism because they are narcissistic. Whether it is a conscious thought, or sub-conscious, people can’t believe that another person thinks so much of themselves that they don’t notice THEM.

          • well yeah when you put it like it make a whole boatlaod of sense… so in effect… I don;t like narcissists because they spend so much time thinking of themselves they don’t think of me,….ohhhhhh yeaa I like that one… paradox ish

  3. Hey, I couldn’t find your email, maybe I’ll find it when looking for the lie in “something wicked this way comes.”

    Anyways I figured I would leave this here and feel free to delete it or email me davidyanni1406@gmail.com if you want more info or a different character (I thought of a couple back-ups in case this one is hard to use or you just don’t want to.) Here’s what I was thinking, it’s based on a mixture of me and my friend.
    He’s half Korean and grew up in the bible-belt where he was pretty much the only vaguely asian looking person around. He has developed a fear that nobody takes him seriously because his eye shape makes it look like he’s constantly giving people “bedroom eyes.” He is also a classic over-analyzer and seems to end up arriving at strange conclusions like “I am very very attractive to about 6% of the population and very unattractive to the rest.” or “I think most of why I have a hard time paying attention is because I’m slightly allergic to corn.” Since corn or corn syrup is in pretty much everything. A lot of his conclusions also revolve around him being asian in some way even if that clearly has nothing to do with the issue at hand. e.g. “I think I’m bad at basketball because I descend from Koreans where there is a lot of bamboo and thick brush so my depth perception is very finely attuned to close distances but not an eleven foot tall basketball hoop.” But since he is only half Korean if he scores a bunch of baskets one day he will attribute it to the white half of his genetics! Haha I am always telling him how bigoted he is, and he’ll respond with “It’s because I’m half middle-class white male.”
    I’m not sure how much info you wanted but I figure you can use as much or as little as you want to. This comment is getting too long so email if you want a physical description or anything like that.

    Thanks again! I really can’t wait to see what you do with him!
    Of course if you changed your mind or got too busy or something I totally understand.

    • That is awesome! Ok…I have an idea. How about I use you as kind of a guest host tomorrow. You can develop your character as much as you want, and just make it a post on your blog; I’ll make a snapshot of him over here, and send readers to your blog to learn more. This week we can just learn about him. Then next week he can go to the meeting, and I’ll write that one. Also, my email is HobbingAround@yahoo.com.

      Just don’t rush with it though. We don’t even have to do it tomorrow, and I don’t want you to overanalyze a deadline or anything. When you are ready, just let me know, and I’ll check it out and then send people (hopefully).

      • Sweet that’s a great idea! I’ll be sure to let you know. It may take me a couple days since, as you may have noticed, I am slightly sociopathic and have a hard time developing characters. This will be great practice 🙂 Maybe you or others can give me constructive criticism later. I love what you do with yours (characters, and words too.)

  4. Hey, so I’ve posted something about my character. I ended up just basically writing a whole short story and Joe is a side character in it. I have a page for it


    There is a long version which is the full short story and is mostly unrelated to the character because I got carried away. There is also a short version at the bottom where I just copy pasted Joe’s part in the story. (The relevant part.)

    He’s kind of an amalgam of myself and a few friends. Anyways, I hope this is enough for you to work with. Originally Joe was going to be the main character juxtaposed against Jack, but that story just kind of slipped out.

    I hate for your readers (or you) to have to suffer through this whole thing, so please remind them there is a short version at the bottom. Also feel free to rip me a new one about my writing if you want (in a constructive way) but don’t feel pressured to either.

    As always, if you want to call the whole thing off or just wanted a much simpler character description that is fine and I will not be offended at all. I had fun writing this.

    I am an overanalyzer, but I actually have pretty thick skin, so don’t let me get away with crap if it bothers you.

  5. Wait, there’s a lie in “something wicked this way comes?” Am I missing something????

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