Men and other things that make no sense…

There are some things in life that are completely misunderstood…by me at least.

I am not afraid to say that I am not an expert on anything, but the Oscars? Why millions of people care about a way-to-long award show where everyone is trying to get a statue of a naked guy?…and don’t even get me started on the outfits.

Another thing that I don’t understand is the “Why?” question. Is it really going to change your life if you know why the sky is blue or why you couldn’t have been born to another family (no offense to my own family…I love being a part of The Greatest Show On Earth).

Although I have had previously had to apologize to some of the guys out there, sorry again, but I don’t understand you either. Is my husband the only one who thinks that the world is out to get him? Like there is this big conspiracy to lose his matching sock or to be in the restroom when he calls.

The whole thing is just plain weird if you ask me…which you didn’t…which is another thing I don’t understand. 😉

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  1. I don’t understand it, either. But I still want an Oscar. I’ve been passed over for too long!

    I have been gone all day. It looks like I missed out on something fun. I am so sorry!

  2. I’m just glad I wasn’t Meryl Streep that night! So now she’s got more little naked statues than anybody and everybody both loves her and hates her.
    Maybe there was a conspiracy to get her drunk at the almost hostless show…
    I don’t understand anything, but I keep trying!!!

    • That is all that matters…”trying” right? I mean, even when people plan elaborate schemes, then get found out, at least they tried right? 😉

  3. Hmm…your thoughts about your husbands conspiracy are interesting, The Hobbler. By the way, my friend The Hobbler had a question for you:

    “I was wondering if you might help me out…El Guapo and Edward Hotspur gave me quite a bad time the other day, and I thought it might be fun if some of us bloggers who frequently see their sites would mention “conspiracy” or some form of the word in any comment we make on their blog tomorrow. The idea is to get them thinking that it is weird that so many people are talking about conspiracies…but we should still be subtle enough that they won’t figure out there really is a conspiracy to quickly”

    Oh wait, “Ok, abort plan with EH and EG…they know…unless I’m paranoid, but yeah…pretty sure they know (burn after reading)”

    So, never mind.

  4. Hey, Hobbler. I got this strange e-mail forwarded to me, and I was wondering if it was true. If it is, that’s way cool! I promise to be really surprised and stuff. Honest!

    “I was wondering if you might help me out…El Guapo and Edward Hotspur gave me quite a double team the other day, and I thought it might be fun if some of us bloggers who frequently see their sites would actually meet each other in person and have a little slap and tickle, if you get my drift. We could shoot a video of the whole wet sticky thing and send it to them as a gift. Mention “conspiracy” or some form of the word in any comment we make on their blog tomorrow if you’re down with it. The idea is to get them wondering why people are talking about conspiracies…but we should still be subtle enough that they won’t guess that we are all into each other and, of course, both of them, because they are so manly and clever.”

    Let me know when to expect this – oops, I mean… oh, I’ll love it even if it’s not a surprise anymore. I can’t wait!

      • Lots of people, apparently, because lots of people attempted to put that word in their comments. I can’t wait to see the first cut. I got a giant tub of popcorn and lots of butter.

      • Wonderful way to spend an evening.
        Two great games from you, Hobbler. Can;t wait to see what you come up with for the weekend.
        Thanks for the belly laughs- – I had a lot of fun!

        • I’m a little paranoid about that too, but I’ll post tomorrow about the possible weekend game. Did you see my comment on Joe’s blog and tell EH? I was worried about that when I realized it was on his home page.

          • I got at least 3 of them.
            That’s how we knew we could just copy and paste the message, and just change the name. Same with the burn notice.
            The posts we put up today were written so that they lent themselves to conspiracy theories. Just for you, you trendsetter, you!
            Seriously, when it ended, I was laughing really hard for a good 10 or 15 minutes.

            • Traitors…I thought if I picked people that didn’t really know me much, it would be more believable. Guess I am too trusting. 😉 I’m glad you had fun…I’ve been worried all day that you knew. I accidentally posted it on Joe’s home page and you liked his post. I didn’t know if you saw it before or after my comment.

              • I get emails for every post I leave a comment in. It’s why my inbox is such a mess.
                I got emails for it from Ginger, WhatIMeant2Say, Joe, Eric and Brian Westbye.
                I saw the burns from ginger and WhatIMeant2Say. You should check out Gingers page. She deleted your comments and amusingly denied everything.

                Seriously, use email next time. Maybe we won;t be clever enough to catch it.
                Or will we? 😉

        • You know, to be totally honest, I wouldn’t have known anything if GingerSnaap hadn’t sent me a private e-mail describing the whole thing. So blame her. She ruined it. And she ruined Christmas! All because she worships me.

  5. Yeah, why bother trying to win the award when you can buy one just as good super cheap from amazon. I say save a few years and the plane fair.

  6. Don’t they make outfits for the Oscar statuette, like Barbie has?

    I think he’d look fetching in Barbie’s crack whore costume.

  7. “Why?”: the question references that OA thing. You know: Over-Analysis. Or over Anal-whutever. Us guys ask ‘why’ about things the way women ask ‘why’ about emotions – as my daughter does. Me and her sat down and figured this one out:
    I want to know ‘why’ about THINGS – but not so much interested in people.
    She, on the other hand, ponders ‘why’ to everything anyone in her life says – how it was said, what it may be reflecting or meaning . . . what they actually ‘meant’ by that instead of what they said.
    It drives me crazy – just like I drive her crazy (she says) explaining what a photon is – how it can be both a particle AND a wave . . . or some other science thing
    and in the long run: neither one matters. He meant what he said – and that photon just goes ripping on by (at the speed of light no less!) – no matter what I think or know of it.
    Just proves the futility of mankind (evil grin.)

    and yes, it IS a conspiracy . . . and the conspiracy IS: (shhh!) . . .

    • It is pretty strange how different men and women think. I guess that is just part of the fun though. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we all thought the same way.

  8. Paul Nadolny ‏ @OddlyStarry with the hashtag #ohj throws up word challenges pretty often on twitter.
    So does Carl Brand ‏ @MyVogonPoetry

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