5-year-old wisdom

Mom: You can’t believe everything you see on tv.

5-Year-old: Yeah, but some things are true…like flex-seal.


13 thoughts on “5-year-old wisdom

  1. When my daughter was small and an old black and white movie or show would come on (confusing her), I told her:
    “That’s before we invented color. The whole world was black and white then.”
    She believed me. Great thing, kids.
    No wonder they’re all messed up, LOL! (That’s what us grownups are for!)

    • Yes they are. My daughter also said yesterday “let me see your face…good, you don’t look like an alien”. I had put one of those mud masks on my face a few weeks ago that was green. I think I traumatized them. πŸ˜‰

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