A confession:

Today, Pudding Girl tagged me, which is very nice and all, but honestly…I just don’t want to do these things. Please don’t take it personal, cONTEMPORARY mUSINGS, and Adrianna either tagged me or awarded me before, but I didn’t really respond the way I was supposed to. I think it is wonderful that people like to tag me and all that, but I just don’t like following all the rules, so I had an idea:

All the things you data miners wanted to know about me, but haven’t asked, or have asked, but I haven’t replied…in alphebetical order:

A – Alligator skin: don’t really get the concept.

B – Botox?: Yes, have had it and probably will have it every few months, see: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-w4

C. Coffee: Black…yeah, I’m cool like that.

D. Dogs: Only if they are cats pretending to be dogs.

E. Elvis: Dead…sorry.

F. French kissing: Married people rarely do that.

G. Go-carts: I could probably beat all of you.

H. Hormonal? Always.

I. Ice-cream: Blue Bunny Birthday Party…Food Orgasm material see: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-Q

J. Jeans: I used to love them, but now I wear sweats all the time since I am in a wheelchair and no one really looks at my butt anymore.

K. Kangaroos: Hmmm…I don’t know where some of these questions come from.

L. Lice: Had once when I was a kid – Realized it wasn’t that great to love those bus kids on the church van…still love them anyway, I just don’t let them sit on my lap anymore.

M. Married: Yes, but thanks for being interested.

N. No? Use the word all the time…I have kids.

O. Ocean: Scared of water…my wheelchair is too heavy and it gets stuck in the sand anyway. As of now, I can still use a walker occasionally, but it gets stuck too.

P. Pee and Poop: Now you are starting to sound like my 7-year-old.

Q. Quarters? Save change and cash in twice a year for Fireworks and Stocking Stuffers.

R. Reality: Wondering if it is real.

S. Strange: Never…who would even think I would be that?

T. Terrible: Cook, Housekeeper, Driver, etc.

U. Ugliness: I think it is just an illusion.

V. Violence: Sucks

W. Words: Best thing ever.

X. Xerox Machines: Never attempted any body part scans.

Y. Youth: Is not as great or horrible as people think.

Z. Zippers: Incredibly jealous of the guy who invented them.

If you follow this blog, consider yourself tagged. You are very welcome. On another note, Edward Hotspur suggested these games:

There’s a scavenger hunt that people could play on both my and Hellis’ blogs, and there’s even prizes for people who win…

OH! There’s also a Choose Your Own Blog Adventure on my blog that people could play. If someone was interested. That might be kind of fun.

Another game would be someone (Hobbler) starts a story with a sentence, and the next person (that she names) makes a post with the next sentence and links back to her first sentence, and so on, until we get a certain number of sentences, say 20. Then Hobbler compiles all the sentences and posts them all together.

I love all three ideas if anyone wants to play, but we need a planner type person who could work out a time frame for each game…or we could just play one each weekend for the next few weeks. Please just let me know.

22 thoughts on “A confession:

  1. Sentence game -and the fruit one sounds interesting too….we had a Twitter game of using a word in a movie titles…it was….oh well never mind on that sorry 😉 ummmm you could say the word of the day / weekend whatever is __________ and you will use this word to replace ____________

    Organizing anything is not me so in spirit i would love to get it going but in theory – not happenin – but I will play… alll day 🙂

    • How about any fruit or vegetable. Like you could say, “that is as bad as rotten tomatoes”, or pretend you made a typo and say “my friend lettuce toilet paper his dad’s house”.

      • I ripe that banana…. must make reference to…hmmm only problem is.. well since its for fun …no problem really but for a contest it would seem to me that it should be narrowed more – like the non use of the singular first person…. I was thinkng jsuta bit ago that – well I got a new phone and I am not used to the autocorrect feature because I have never had ot or turned ot on or whatever and um writing a post or comment – letting autocorrect do its magic… a friend and i did a whole text conversation just to see it was fun but obviously something like that would be limiting…. limited to whoever has that feature and I think it would be a mess too….am I talking too much? i need to squash my propensity to go on and on and on… 😉 that was a bad apple and peas excuse me…. Like that? that’s a watermelon version of mixed berry blender explosion…

        • I think we will just have to see what happens. The idea is to get people to think creatively about common words…wait a second, I’m starting to sound like a boring professor or something. Hopefully it is fun, and I guess I could tweak it a little if needed.

  2. I love the idea of the sentence game. There’s a game similar to that on FB, but it’s more of a story type thing. Someone starts the story and then the next person adds to the starter, next person adds to the 2nd person’s words and so on. It’s quite funny and fun! You could start the story with whatever you wanted, then make a list of people who should write after you. Maybe number the list so we know in what order to go or something. Does that make any sense at all??? I’m sitting here laughing b/c in my head this makes perfect sense yet I’m unsure how this will come out in my translation!

    • I think it would be lots of fun. EH suggested something similar, so maybe we’ll do it next weekend. The post for this weekend’s game just posted, so if you’re still going to be up, let me know what you think.

  3. I like the sentence game… often versions I’ve seen are 6 word story – each participant uses 6 words, so the next percinnamon has to help that become a strawberry or start a new strawberry… or any # 3, 9, whatever. But I think I like the whole sentence version. It will allow for each persimmon to get a whole thought in. I don’t apple to have any orangizational skills, but I rhubarb the day I get asked to do that. Gonna hops around, barley able to think of anything ripe now.

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