To be honest, I am thinking that I was probably a little high on our narcissism fun to even suggest playing a game this weekend, not to mention, another plan didn’t really go as planned recently. That said, here was the idea I had first:

Blog tag: Not the type of blog tag where you get tagged and then have to answer a million questions about yourself, your dog, your house, what you ate, what you would wear if you were burning to death on a desert island, etc. tag. Although I am not a fan of rules, this game would have to have some.

To start with, the object of the game would be to leave a comment on people’s blogs that just says “You’re it” and links them to a rule page. You would have to tag…I don’t know, 10 people, and they could not tag you back. You would want to tag people who don’t have many mutual friends so the odds of the “It” people tagging someone who would tag you back would be slim. If you went the day without 10 people (not sure of the numbers here) tagging you, (after you have sent your 10 tags out), you would win. If you tagged someone, who tagged someone, who eventually tagged someone who got you (10 times)…you would be out of the game. For example, if I tagged Ginger, she could not tag me back, but she might tag EL Guapo because she would know that I might be one of the ones who he would tag (she couldn’t specifically tell him to tag me, but you want to get the person who tagged you out of the game). Make sense?

Anyway, after I over-analyzed that for a while, I thought it might be stupid, so here is another idea: You know how some sites have these “word challenge” things? The object of this game would be to use a word…such as “play” and you would have to comment on, 10 people’s blogs using that word, or a form of it (played, playing, etc) in your comment. If you chose to post that day, you could not use the word at all in your post, and your goal would be to post something that would be very difficult for people to comment about your post using that word (for example, writing about the Holocaust or something really serious). This game would require using the Honor System (you couldn’t just say “I want to play” or something that has no connection to the post you are replying to) so some people like Hotspur might not be able to play at all.

As I over-analyzed that thought, I realized that might be a stupid idea as well. So, this is the thing…I am sorry I suggested playing a game this weekend…I had so much fun last weekend, that I thought it would be okay, but I was being narcissistic to think that I could pull that off again. If you think either of these ideas might be fun, let me know and I will play it with you, but if they are stupid, just say “thanks, but I am busy” or “it’s not you…it’s me” or some other blow off line and don’t play. Deal?

Also, if the word-play game is not stupid, we need a good word to use.

If anyone wants to play, we are playing tomorrow, or Saturday, or either, or both if you are having too much fun. I will come up with some stupid prizes for people who think they have won.


12 thoughts on “Game

  1. I’d like to play a game, and that tag game sounds fun, so you’re it! Something something conspiracy!

    Seriously, there’s a scavenger hunt that people could play on both my and Hellis’ blogs, and there’s even prizes for people who win. If someone was interested.

    • OH! There’s also a Choose Your Own Blog Adventure on my blog that people could play. If someone was interested. That might be kind of fun.

      Another game would be someone (Hobbler) starts a story with a sentence, and the next person (that she names) makes a post with the next sentence and links back to her first sentence, and so on, until we get a certain number of sentences, say 20. Then Hobbler compiles all the sentences and posts them all together.

      It might be more fun if the next person couldn’t see the previous sentence beforehand.

      • I never thought I’d say this to you, but that is brilliant…pure genius…are you sure I didn’t think of it and subconsciously pass the idea to you?

    • Oh, and tag hasn’t started yet…and if you play, your automatically it at first…and if you wanted to get me, you’d have to do it before I got you…tomorrow

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