Another confession:

Can I tell you all something? I’m getting a little bored with the fruit/veggie stuff. I am enjoying hearing what you all are saying, but I can’t in good conscience play anymore. Sorry…


29 thoughts on “Another confession:

    • But it’s boring. Anyway, I’m okay, bad experiences just give me more stuff to blog about right? I’m also loving the idea of doing OAA meetings on Mondays. They will be my self-therapy.

  1. What a pickle this is! You are in a funk, and Hotpur is trying to make you drink his crazy Lemonade of laughter.
    Lettuce not give into the temptation of his corny scheme!

    • He is so funny. If you get a chance this week, there will be another thing next weekend that should be fun. I know you’re busy, but you could write it during the week if you want. I’d love to hear yours.

    • How dare you! Everything I say is heartfelt expressions of… Ok, I can’t even fake that one. I’m occasionally serious…most of the times I’m serious I have an anterior motive brewing. 😉

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