I have an idea…again…

I can almost hear the moans through the computer. Just go with me on this one. I’ve seen a few people who posted some of the phrases that people have used to find their blogs. Crazy stuff, but anyway, what if we each looked at our searches that people have used to find our blogs. Then we could use the top three (of all time) and make them into a story. The most important thing is to not tell which words/phrases were the top three…that is for everyone to guess.

I wanted to send this out early enough for you to start thinking about how to tie your top searches together, but if you want to do it, but let’s just plan on posting the stories next weekend (March 10th or 11th). If you don’t want to do it, then don’t…it’s not like I’m paying you to read my blog and do what I tell you to do. One of my kids is having her birthday this weekend, so if you do it, send me a link so I can check it out when I get a chance.

93 thoughts on “I have an idea…again…

    • I think this will be fun. Thank you for not moaning at my stream of ideas here lately. I need to think them through before I post them, but I’ll start over-analyzing and never get any ideas out. This one really should be fun.

  1. You wouldn’t believe the sick search terms that come into my blog Adult Satires! lol I won’t post them here in a comment on someone else’s blog… Believe me when I say, I lift an eyebrow at some of the search terms and it’s damn hard to get me to lift an eyebrow in shock! lom

    • It’s EHs fault his crazy search terms. This one should be fun, but I wanted to give people a little more time to plan.This is so silly, but I was hoping you’d stop by tonight. I’m like a little puppy wanting you to see the bone I found. Pathetic huh.

  2. I sort of already tipped my hand. I’ve posted my search terms, and the reason they are up there is because I already wrote things about them. So I did your game before your game was cool! I’m ahead of my time, or your time – wait, what time zone are you in? I might literally be ahead of your time.

    • I’m in central time, and you are supposed to do the top “all time” searches, and you jut did the last 30 days…plus, you could just pick some normal ones. People aren’t going to remember each search, and no one would ever believe that people found your blog using normal searches.

      • Actually that was just the last 7 days. But, okay. I’ll see what that is. Probably the same though. See, you haven’t said what to do with variations. What if a single term is number one, but multiple variations of another term, when added together, are actually… I’m over thinking this.

  3. Hmm. I like this concept. However, I’m not entirely sure I want to continue to encourage people to look for my blog using “Sally Field camel toe”. This is going to take some creative thinking…

    • Well, you are welcome to play along with something’s you would like people to find your blog with. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s too though. I am sure there will be plenty of creative posts that day.

  4. I have posted my top search terms 2 times now because I get such a kick outta them. I like this idea – may or may not give it try since I have already outted myself but here;s a little nugget that wasn’t a top term but just a taste of the fun over my way:-) Naked Elves on Crack…..

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  6. My searches are all over the place from day to day. This sounds like fun, but shoot, my track record for playing these games sucks. πŸ™‚

    • It should be pretty fun to read other people’s too. My top searches are not as crazy as some of the others, but it really is interesting what people are typing into Google.

  7. Great idea!!! I’m not sure I’d have many search phrases yet, either, but I’ma gonna take a peek… don’t know if I could do a real story – I can write, but if it ain’t real my brain gets all flabber and my fingers get all gasted… we’ll see… be glad to make the rounds reading, though!!
    I can’t keep up with you Hobbler – I had to take a couple days to have some real life and do some other digital things besides blogging (unfortunately, it did involve speed reading many that I follow before the next weekly batch of emails came thundering in)…
    PS I’m with you RE watching who stops by to peek at my posts… I was deelighted to have Mrs Cap’n FP stop over and comment for the first time. Not to mention all these other cool folk like you and “those who do your bidding” (just KIDDING), like EG and EH and many more!!!
    PPS how much do you pay β€½β€½β€½β€½β€½

    • They actually pay me. I’m just that good. The E’s actually polish my blog boots before each post, and feed me virtual grapes and stuff. WhatIMeantToSay is good enough to not need my help though.

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