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This is the first time I’ve entered the Trifecta Writing Challenge, but I thought “why not”, cause it’s 3:30am and I can’t sleep. I’m copying this from Guapolishers blog, because he isn’t awake to stop me. Nevermind, he hasn’t done it yet. Get with the program EG! Now I’m copying from Hotspur (aka my stalker/slave):

This week we are using Tales From the Rhoen’s suggestion.  We want between 33 and 333 words from (and including) the third definition of the word:
vulgar (adj) \ˈvəl-gər\
3 a : of or relating to the common people : plebeian
b : generally current : public
c : of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind

Social Justice

The vulgar mindset of the time
Was vengeance first, then ponder the crime.
Without a doubt the mob did form
Cries of fear drowned in the swarm.
A light, a match, did set aflame
Their ashes left with guiltless blame.

109 responses to “Trifecta Writing Challenge”

  1. Love this illustration of the word.
    Great piece, Hobbler.

    No, really. I’d have gushed more if I were sucking up.
    Go peel your own grapes.

  2. Fantastic first entry! I like the line, “Was vengeance first, then ponder the crime.” Good work!

  3. Girls love to pretend! That the knight in shining armor will come along, and pull them up on his horse, and dress them up like a princess, and ride back to his castle, and sit on the couch while they make him a sandwich.

  4. I almost always eventually read the comments of the responses submitted to Trifecta. Except yours had 99 before I even touched it. I scanned. Sex. Cooking. Sandwiches. It all seems very entertaining, so I’ll have to come back and check them all out. In the meantime, welcome to Trifecta! Thanks for linking up; we’re happy to have you on board. I loved your response. We don’t get a lot of poetry (though we do get some), and this was a nice surprise. The simple rhyme scheme belies the darker content. Love it. Hope to see you back again for the weekend prompt.

    • If you really want to see some great comments, start here:

      We played this game/challenge a few weeks ago, and the comments between El Guapo, Edward Hotspur, and myself are…indescribable.El Guapo’s recent freshly pressed post was kind of a result of a different conspiracy…Basically all the comments, and a lot of the posts led up to the introduction of this challenge.

      I promise you they will be worth your time. But they are on all three of our blogs.

      Anyway, thanks for the compliments. 😉

    • I was just thinking…the whole not a narcissist thing might be fun to do on trifecta. I know some of your regulars participated when I started it, but we would probably have just as much fun playing again, and your other bloggers would enjoy it too. My stats went from about 45-50 views to over 300 the day we actually played the game. Just a thought.

  5. I am in awe of this poem. How well it pays justice to the appointed word as well as the injustices it ironically portrays. It’s marvelous!

    • Thank you. I don’t usually write poetry, but that picture just came into my mind when I read the challenge. I’m so glad people have liked it.

  6. The title drew me in and your poem dropped my jaw… excellent. Welcome to the Trifectan community, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your talent!

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