Storie book game continues:

This is a continuation of the Storie Book Game here:

Even though I knew our love would bring us back together, I couldn’t help but to notice the fear starting to grow in my heart. What if my father found her? I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her only to discover that she had been found and killed while I was away.

But there was no time to think about that now. I had to just believe that whatever had led us to each other would reunite us and lead us into a future filled with unending laughter and peace.

The darkness of the cave seemed to bear down on me with the weight of a thousand horses. Something wasn’t right. I don’t know how I knew, but there was something horribly wrong. I hastily turned around and started making my way back to the cave entrance. My heart was pounding and blood was rushing to my head.

What could this apprehension be? We had thought everything through. There was no way that she would have been discovered unless…no, he wouldn’t have. My brother in arms and close confidant had arranged to meet Hope at the bottom of the mountain and lead her to another hiding place.  I trusted him with my life…and with hers. He would never have given the King information that would lead to her capture and possible murder. No, there had to be something else. Maybe she was fine and I was just having nervous thoughts, but I had to be sure.

As I got closer to the cave’s entrance, I started to hear her screams. No! Hope, my precious Hope. How could this have happened? I started running trying to ignore the treacherous thoughts running through my head.  This had to have been an accident. A horrible coincidence that had led to the capture of my precious love.

The fear in my heart was muted by the feelings of anger rising. How could he. My own father, want to destroy something so valuable…so precious. Hatred for him pushed me faster than I knew possible. I would not let them take her. I didn’t care if this was my last day on earth, I would die to protect her and to rescue her from the demon’s spawn that understood nothing of true love.

When I arrived at the cave’s entrance, blind fury drove me to openly search for my Hope. There… she was struggling against two men, members of my father’s army who were trying to bring her to the vile cage that was being pulled by two horses. How dare they? I started to run toward the men, when I realized that if I was captured too, she would have no hope of escape.

I saw a jagged rock that I could hide behind while I decided what to do next. I remembered to breathe, and surveyed the surrounding distance. Three more of the guards were coming toward her. How could I have let this happen? Stop that, I told myself. I didn’t have time to mourn the loss of the way things should have been. They had captured her now and were laughing and talking about how much of a fighter she was. I hoped that fight would not leave her spirit and I desperately hoped that she would know that no matter what, I would rescue her.

Love knows no bounds and if it cost me my very life, at least I would die for the one thing worth dying for…pure love. My father would use her to draw me out. He would want us to see the death of the other.

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  1. I think I just hit my rhythm (at 258 words) and I’m pretty sure someone is going to be pissed off. Probably whoever has to follow me…

    • That’s kind of how it was for me…the first few paragraphs were hard, then it just started working. Whoever has to follow you is going to have a hard time no matter what you write. It’s hard to follow greatness. 😉

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