Weekend Trifecta

Where to start…

1. Thanks to everyone who liked my vulgar post. It got second place. Weird huh.

2. I prefer to write humor (did you hear that SNL producers?), but I’ve been feeling a little morbid lately. I blame Joe Hoover for this.

3. Trifecta has a weekend challenge too. Here it is with my entry:

And now on to the Trifextra Challenge.  This weekend, we’re turning to the literary greats, specifically F. Scott Fitzgerald, who once said:  “Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”  A quick scan of current theory will tell you that the usefulness of the exclamation point has almost always been a source of contention.  There are those who believe it a perfectly worthwhile member of the punctuation set, and there are (even more of) those who believe it simply has no place outside of dialogue.

The editors of Trifecta are certainly not linguists, but we have noticed, time and again, that an exclamation point often disrupts the flow of an otherwise smooth piece of writing.  It almost instructs the reader as to how he or she should be feeling in response to the writing!  (Saw that?)

This weekend’s challenge is to give us a story or snippet of a story which includes, in exactly 33 words, a justified exclamation point.  Make us believe that your exclamation point simply needs to be in your story.  The writer with the most believable exclamation wins.

She clutched his lifeless body to her chest.

I’m sorry ma’am. This is a crime scene now. I know you must feel…

Don’t you tell me how I feel! This is my son…

31 thoughts on “Weekend Trifecta

  1. Congratulations to your second placing for vulgar. I’m going to write a note to Mr Hoover and voice my complaint he is making your morbid, for morbid this piece was – and the exclamation point was appropriate.

  2. Well, no complaints here — that exclamation mark simply had to be there. Heartbreaking story, well told in only 33 words. Nice job and we’re so pleased that you’ve joined us. Looking forward to more over the next weeks and months.

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