Not a Narcissist Part 2 rules

Next weekend we are going to do the Not A Narcissist challenge again. This time, no proper names, no blog names, no we, me, us…basically, you can’t refer to yourself at all.

We are writers, right? If we can’t go for a day without referencing ourselves, we are not very good writers. Let’s stretch ourselves. The challenge will go from midnight Friday, to midnight Saturday.

*oh yeah, still no “you” either.

16 thoughts on “Not a Narcissist Part 2 rules

  1. You should wait to do this on a weekend I’m going on vacation. Me me me I me. I was listening to that Beatles song the other day, I Me Mine, and then I Against I came on. But I turned it down to listen to this kid making some kind of call like “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I!”

  2. this one agrees, about the pointless, that is… so I guess that me-me-me-means we can talk about ourselves, like me, myself and I, all we want before next week, right? I don’t get the “you” part, though. Is it narcisissitic of me to talk to or about you? or… does that mean you are the narcisist and mesmerizing me to say you, you, you, you, all day long, and yet you can still be the champ‽‽‽
    btw, I’ve been testing meebo on your site, since I don’t have the widget installed – sorta like some research… so here’s the deal… I can change my “nickname” on one page and it follows me to another page of yours. However, the IM history does not come over. and apparently, I’m talking to myself, cuz I’m sure you would have answered me, if you were getting the IMs. I was on your two posts about stupid and smart and everything in between (the 2 from last year.
    ok, I promise not to write whole posts in other people’s comment section. Ever. Again.

    • First, yes, say all the I’s, me’s, etc. before next Sat. The you thing started before I ruled out the me’s and we’s, and it was just a way to add a little challenge, but I figured we could leave it so it wouldn’t be too confusing as I changed the rules. (Or is it more confusing to leave it?), and we are supposed to not say the word “you”. I should probably clarify that somehow.

      As far as the meebo, I am not getting any messages from it. I might just take it off, because it frustrates me more than anything else. I can’t figure out how to message someone specific from it either, but I’m sure if I studdied up on it more, it would be easier.

      You can write whole posts in my comments any time you want. I actually would prefer to just comment back and forth with people sometimes anyway instead of just saying “good post” or something. That is why I wanted the Meebo to work. Anyway, I always feel like I am commenting on other people’s blogs too much back-and-forth. There needs to be some kind of blog etiquitte for these things.

  3. you’re funny and yes, I did F5 to see if you replied… now I can close the two sessions on your other posts where I meebo’d you – it could just be that I have to have it installed too, but for now, I (stomps feet) dont wanna do that!!! just my lack of sleep tantrum before I go take a nap!!!

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