Stupidest things I’ve done:

*This is not an exhaustive list. I have done way too many stupid things for a measly blog post. Also, I might have mentioned some of these in other posts, but I have too much brain damage from other stupid things to remember.

Put ear wax remover in my eye – it hurts just to think of it. Just remember before you put anything in your eye, check the bottle.

As a teen, I called a very out-of-my-league guy and told him who I was and that I liked him. Either one of those things might have been okay on their own…no, it is better not to do that at all.

Ran the truck through the garage door – I definitely mentioned that one before.

Something stupid I do on a regular basis is talk too much. I really hate that one.

Installed…yeah, pretty much all my installations deserve a mark the stupidity scale.

Almost put Superglue on my eyelid. Does that count if it just “almost” happened?

Did I mention I talk too much? That applies to writing (in something other than a book) too, so enough self-reflection.

For the smartest question a stupid person will ever ask…or the stupidest question a smart person will ask see: Are Stupid People Smart Enough To Know They’re Stupid.

If that link speaks to you, see: What to do when you realize you’re an idiot.


41 thoughts on “Stupidest things I’ve done:

  1. At least you didn’t brush your teeth with Preparation H. You didn’t, did you?
    In the 8th grade, I asked this girl to “go with” me 7 times, and got turned down every time. Looking back, she wasn’t that great. I had low standards.

  2. Hey, we’ve all been there… I tried to kill a wasp with a can of Raid and blasted myself right in the eyes! Hurt like hell!!!
    Enjoyed the links, and thanks for the “like” on my post today. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing something stupid that you have done too. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one. I loved the pic of you and your wife. Looks like you two have fun together.

      • Just remember that when you do something stupid, you are never alone – because there are lots of other people who are… watching and laughing! Lol πŸ™‚ At least that is usually my experience. TY on the pic, yeah, we play with each others inner child frequently.

  3. Way back when still in college, I was an asst manager at an upscale restaurant. The restaurant featured table-side cooking and one dish was a hot spinach and bacon salad. So before I could cook for guests, I had to take my test for the owners – cook a serving for them. Went smoothly. Consistency good. Etc. Then they took a bite and both (owner and wife) spit it out. I had accidentally grabbed the salt instead of the sugar – and the recipe called for something like a full cup of sugar. Oops…..

    • That is so funny, and sad. Did they still let you pass? The worst stupid things are the ones we do in front of or…to others. So sorry, but what a great story!

      • Yeah, I passed. What happened was one of the cooks had put back the sugar and salt containers backwards. It’s been too long ago to remember now, but for example, the sugar was always on the right. But that one time, it wasn’t. I learned to double-check from that point on.

          • Night person. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping, but I’ve always been a night person. Plus this is when I start working on graphics and websites… after all the bloggers go to bed. Or I’ll write my posts for tomorrow, and schedule them to publish throughout the morning.

            • Ok, I was just wondering because you seemed to be up a lot late. I am a night person who has a hard time sleeping. I take medication for it, but anyway, I was just curios. Hope the rest of your night goes well

  4. well, I’m having a hard time thinkink of anythink right now (of course, I never do anythink stoopid), but sometimes I don’t reset the clock in my van when it’s time for CST or CDT to start or stop… that’s just cuz I’m a rebel, and I’ll never never be any good… tralala

  5. Lets see: If stupid is as stupid does, then I rate right up there though (stupidly). However, lets be smart and call them “learning experiences”.

    So either we’re a lot of smart people acting stupid . . . or a lot of stupid people who appear to be smart (the latter’s my theory, and I’m hanging onto it – kinda goes with DID, LOL!!!). Pick whichever one you choose (think about that one awhile and it’ll come to you . . . )

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