Search Term Treasure Hunt:

For some reason I have been thinking about search terms that people use to find out blogs a lot. I get the occasional freak, but I would really like more ammunition for future blog posts, so I had an idea.

How about you all give me some of your craziest search terms, and I will string them all together for a future post. That way, next time someone types in “alligators dancing in their mother’s underwear”, they will find my blog.

What do you think?

59 thoughts on “Search Term Treasure Hunt:

  1. you are so clever! I have all KINDS of – did you say freaky or oh craziest…heh heh heh….ok I will get back to you.. 🙂 did you get the Meebo thingy working? I tried the other night and didn’t know if it went trough…..

  2. I got some new ones today – sparkle my ass means?, crack in nostril, naked scissors, and of course there is always the joy of swimming nude, naked elves on crack, …I am still writing my story so I’ll have to get back to you on the rest…. 😉

  3. I have “angry woman, mad, drawn-down mouth,” “беседа” (I don’t know what this means in any way), as well as my all time favorite, “graphic picture of john hancock.” Apparently, six people have come to my blog expecting pornographic images of a former president…

    • I don’t even want to ask…

      Don’t those kind of things make you wonder how they ended up at your blog? People must sit on their computers for hours going down the list of the search answers. I know I can’t be the first thing that pops up in some of their searches.

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