I should probably tell someone…

10. That I have a least three different places that I hide food from my husband/kids.

9. Sometimes I just sit in the bathroom even when I am not doing anything, just for the peace and quiet.

8. You actually can eat raw cookie dough without dying from salmonella.

7. Most things are better left unsaid.

6. That I am sick and tired of people being “nice”.

5. Long, hot, bubble baths are sometimes better than anything else. Really anything.

4. That even though I said that was a great name for your pet…I lied. I actually think it is pretty stupid. Especially after knowing the world of Wonderbutt. The honestly-best-name-ever for a dog…see this post where he literally produced a miracle.

3. Mysteries are usually better before someone solves them.

2. That I was ready for your kids to go home an hour ago.

1. That there are a lot of other things I should say, but today is not the day.

42 thoughts on “I should probably tell someone…

  1. You go girl! I do some of these – which ones, will remain mystery 😉 oh but the bath….I used to have a big garen tub and took a bubble bath every single night….where I am now – no tub. been here 2 years..We are moving imminently and have found a few acceptable places but NO TUB – not happening…I want my bubble bath. ~sigh

    • Thanks Lizzie! I am so sorry about your bath though. I wish we had a bigger bath, but maybe one day…

      In other news, I don’t think I am going to stay on twitter. Sorry.

        • that was kinda petulant of me sorry. 🙂 Are you gonna still publish your blog to it? sometimes I go on Twitter and everyone is back here,.and it;s hard to keep up. I only am there a little anyways… but stilll…. :-(.

        • I don’t know, I’m in kind of crisis mode at the moment. I even thought of stopping blogging altogether. It has been mood-swingy though, most days I love it, but sometimes I feel like everything I write is pointless. It could possibly be hormone related…

            • Thanks LA, I will probably hang out for a while because of people like you and the Suck Up… Lizzie, EG, WIM2S, Lisa, BC…there are too many of you I like. Also, a few more fun ones came this week, that should make things even more interesting. I do have something I rediscovered the joy of last night though, so I might not be constantly around, but I’ll still be here a lot.

                • Do you even know me? I would rather scoop up dog poop than cook…and I’m a cat person. Yeah. I wrote about my latest obsession, but really Hotspur…cooking?

                  • I didn’t see that until later. Sorrrrr-eeeeeeee. I love to cook. Not to recipes – I love to eat at a restaurant and then go home and try to replicate it. I usually get pretty close. I also went through a phase where I turned everything into a pasta dish. So bruschetta became Greek pasta (olives, feta, chicken, rotini, garlic, oil) and gumbo became gumbo pasta (way less broth, sub rotini for rice), and so on. I’m hungry now.

                    As for books, I try to read 2-3 a week, but the last couple were books that started out okay, and then got draggy and boring and I didn’t finish them. I just got three more from the library – latest Terry Pratchett, and bios of Stephen Colbert and Russell Brand. I wanted Richard Branson and Jon Stewart, but they were out.

          • NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my two cents, at least. I like everything you write! Take a break if you must, but please don’t leave us high and dry!

  2. Reading number 4, it’s evident you are far nicer than me. I tend to end up wrinkling my nose at the names of many people’s pets. It’s not what society wants me to do, but I’m just a rebel that way.

    • It really is better to be honest from the start, like you are, but I guess I’m too fake nice. Okay, no pressure Nathan, but I used both the search terms you gave me as well as the one’s other people gave me, here: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-M7. It is probably the most amazing thing you will ever read, but no pressure to check it out…

  3. Well humph. I have places I hide food, too. The kids have places they hide the wrappers of they food I’ve hidden that they’ve eaten. I need a fridge and a locked pantry in my bedroom……….and a coffee pot and burner……..pretty sure we’d never have to leave the room after that…. Although I will say that hunny shares my food because he is also a great defender of it………

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