PMS is real. Lock me up.

For the past few days I have added something about being hormonal to many of the comments I have made. Since it appears that I am the only one who is talking about this, I feel a responsibility to address the issue.

PMS is real. There I said it. I am sure that some of you feminists might be out there thinking that I am exaggerating the condition. Some women might be embarrassed that I am even talking about it. Some women are probably thinking that it is about time someone said something. All men are thinking…I am glad it wasn’t me who said that. I’m not ready to die.

This is the thing ladies…everyone who has gone through puberty, knows that this is real. Why we don’t shout it out from the rooftops is beyond me. As long as we pretend we don’t have it, nothing can be done about it. I propose that we start a “PMS is real, please lock me up” campaign. I want society to recognize this huge problem so they can add wards to their mental institutions where we could go. To be alone in a locked, padded room when PMS’y would be…I don’t know… THE GREATEST THING EVER!

No men, women, or children around to annoy us. We wouldn’t even have to cook. Screaming, crying, hitting the walls, laughing hysterically would be, not only acceptable…it would be normal! This denial of the problem is crap. I have a problem…I am like a drunk driver begging you to take the keys… A druggie showing you her stash… A bird with a broken wing… I don’t know, but it is inhumane for you to just ignore this. Do something! Lock me up! It is only for a week or two…maybe I can stretch it…

Anyway, I am starting to get depressed about my lack of a padded room, so I am making a form for you to voice your opinion:

Sorry for the language. This was just the most accurate portrayal.

20 thoughts on “PMS is real. Lock me up.

      • The Red Tent is good if you like historical fiction. It is based on how women were treated in biblical times, and the red tent was one of the ways they dealt with “that time of the month.”

        • I like reading almost anything, so I will check it out. Did the women all have to be together though? Also, the worst part of PMS is usually before that actual time for me at least. Wait, that would be a great reason for stretching the “alone” time…

  1. Feminism. Hard to claim to be the same as a man if your hormones affect you. That right there is the truth.

    And to those in that camp, it just makes women “weaker” because we can’t control it. So we ignore it.

    Thing is- it’s biological. Just like breasts making milk (for most women) after a baby is born.

    I personally think we should get paid vacation once a month, along with unlimited amounts of chocolate and ice cream…………………..

  2. You know, I’m a big ole hippie protofeminist. I think I began my defense of the power of our gender when I was about 10 or so! Anyway, I have NO DOUBT that PMS is real. I used to spend the first day “worshiping the porcelain gods” until the advent of the blessed St. Advil (patron saint of puking women). When people say it’s all in your head, etc., just tell them the same thing I say when they start in about “pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps”: “I was born without those defenses. Thank your lucky stars you can cope; I’m very happy for you.” And smile. Kills ’em every time, ha ha ha. Amy

  3. your logic was all logical and shit and I was wondering – how long have you already stretched ? teehee

    I think we should turn you loose on Rush Limbaugh and see what happens. Only you get to play with sharp things and stuff…


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