Let the selflessness begin!

I almost forgot to say anything, but tonight at 12:00, well I guess technically that would be tomorrow…anyway, if you are doing the Not a Narcissist challenge, it is all day tomorrow. Let’s go ahead and say you…that was kind of not working. So, rules: No proper names. No personal pronouns like me, we, etc. No blog names. Anything referring to yourself or your blog is banned. Forbidden. Don’t even think about it. I might be liking the power too much.

Okay, so let’s act like writers, use our incredible amounts of creativity and true non-narcissism, and have fun tomorrow!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is the challenge from a few weeks ago, but the rules mentioned above apply this time…to weed out the cheaters who can’t go a day without saying their blog names…

I have another idea. What if we, as narcissistic bloggers, were to go a whole day without saying “I”. I am obviously not doing this today, but tomorrow might be kind of fun to try it. Since everyone loves awards so much, let’s call it the “Not a Narcissist” award. Here is a google pic so that we can proudly display our latest award if we complete this challenge.

I told you I was not a narcissist!

Now, if you would excuse me a second…I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I… thought I’d better get some out of my system…detox is going to be hard.


33 thoughts on “Let the selflessness begin!

    • Are you going to try it? So far I only know of 1 person who is doing it for sure. One person other than me…I was the one who had the idea, so I kind of shot myself in the foot on that one.

  1. Can IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII repost my Trifecta challenge tomorrow and use that? 😉 I propose a word count limit, to help with further weeding.

    Tomorrow I shall try. Tomorrow I shall conquer.

    Tomorrow I shall add the fantastic “not a narcissist” badge to my side bar when I suceed.

    Ok, but all day? Like, I can’t post again and explain it?

  2. depending on how the comments record the time of this comment you may think this blogger (is that the right way?) is already breaking the rules by leaving the following comment after 12:00 am….. but where the blogger who writes the following comment lives is in the time zone where is is not yet time to begin:

    I will play Hobbler – I like to support my friends and their silly notions 🙂 Really though the last time we played I didn;t get to enjoy being part of all of the fun I (that;s me ..Lizzie of Running Naked with Scissors btw) just want to tell …myself more than anybody that I will try as hard as I can cause I want that award proclaiming I am not a narcissist 🙂 but I am wondering are we doing this in our posts too cause tomorrow is St Patrick;s day and I wanted to proclaim loudly….well I use bold letters acutaully…clever of me I know…Kiss ME I am Irish….. and um I can;t think of any other way to get kissed, a lot for no real reason at all, and I do;t know if I can give that up and then have to wait another 365 days to once agian say it. …I would like to know where I stand with this and then there is one other thing I was thinking but I again, becasue I got lost in the rest of my comment lost my thought process….

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