How could someone’s daughter,

Not “want to” but still manage to stick a bead up her nose?


21 thoughts on “How could someone’s daughter,

  1. my now 5 yo when he was 3 had a bead one night in bed and when he dropped it on his face and it rolled in to his eye.. he somehow pushed it under his lower lid. He cried and I went to check on him and he kept saying something about a bead and I thought he had just been the equivalent of poked in the eye – to this day I wonder why I didn;t think to pull his lower lids down like when you think you have an eyelash..I mean wouldn;t that be something you would immediately think of? ๐Ÿ™„ .I looked under the top lid….~sigh ..he woke up the next morning with his eye swollen shut and the bead’s outer coating had come off in his eye..I took him to the pediatrician who when she pulled down his eye saw the silver glint and when she applied a little pressure it popped right out – minus the coating. . The pediatician sent him to a pediatric eye dr who in 15 years of treating children;s eye injuries had never seen anything like it before … it would of course have to be my child and he had everyone in the office come take a look…. I still have the bead in a specimen cup – it was not a small one either…..

    • I’m so sorry Lizzie. That is an OAA nightmare. I’ve done stuff like that, and beaten myself up horribly after. Just dont feel bad for not checking under his eyelid. When your kids are screaming in pain and they aren’t old enough to explain exactly what’s wrong, you just can’t figure out all the possibilities.

  2. She might have been smelling it and then accidentally sucked it up in there………. I’ve heard of kids getting peanuts stuck in their noses, too. Most recently, a friend had to get the tweezers to dig out the plastic earbud covers (the little roundy ones) our of her son’s ear- he’s 15………….. had no idea those could come off and get stuck in the ear!

    Kids and orifices….. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

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