Insomniacal wanderings

So, I just woke up with this song in my mind. I rarely dream, but tonight I dreamed of a character in this song. It was sad. Heartbreaking really. Of course dreams don’t usually play by the rules, especially if you are a rebel at heart; so this is not perfectly following the song.

This dream was of a girl, beautiful, athletic, free-spirited. The storyline played out in detail as I watched her enjoying her young life until, as in most lives, an intense, almost unbearable moment happened…in the dream, she caught her boyfriend cheating. She never had flown and as I stepped into third person dream mode, I learned of her escaping her heartbreak on an airplane ride which crashed.

As I immediately woke, not tired after about 4 hours of deep sleep, this song was blaring through my head. Hope you enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Insomniacal wanderings

  1. Well no wonder. That first one wasn’t actually Alanis…. decent version and video, though. 😆

    Sometimes, the alternative actually IS worse…..

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