Public apology:

This apology is for a certain blogger…let’s call him JH. Now, this particular blogger does not live in the US, but the letters “U” and “S” are in the nick name I made up for him (although not in that order).

Anyway, I am sorry. I unintentionally (I’m sure) implied that he is a bit of a suck up. This is absolutely not true at all. The only reason I call him SU is because the last name on his blog is the name of a vacuum.  Vacuum’s suck stuff up.

This blogger doesn’t. He probably chews kittens up for breakfast. He probably flosses his teeth with barbed wire. Total tough guy. So sorry SU. I didn’t mean to imply that you are…what was that…crawling up something? Hmmm, must have been lost in translation.

I also hope that I have not offended you with this apology. I figured if you could tease the Queen and the whole Food Network, you could probably handle this.

If you thought he was a suck up because of one of my previous posts, please visit his blog and apologize for thinking of him like that. We sure don’t want to hurt his feelings. Not that he’s sensitive…


13 thoughts on “Public apology:

  1. Sorry I never saw the apology before, thought I had?! There was no need for an apology though, I’m never offended by anything 😀

    And why would I worry if your wonderful, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous followers thought I was a suck up 😉

    My real surname has caused some situations, I’ve had some old men insinuating that I must be good at sucking. None of them ever did come up with £500 so they could see if it was true.

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