They say: Trifecta

I don’t usually enter  Trifecta twice, but maybe I am a little depressed. Maybe I have something else to say. Maybe I am actually kidnapped and my captor is forcing me to write this. Regardless:

They say

They say to look before you leap.

They say jump in with both your feet.

They say it’s better not to know.

They say true love will only grow.

They try to tell me not to care.

They say it’s best to “not go there.”

They push, they prod

“Just say no”, “smile and nod.”

But what do they do, when love is a choice?

When true feelings never have a voice?

If your heart cries out, at dawn’s first light

There’s no such thing as a “clean” fight.


48 thoughts on “They say: Trifecta

    • The hardest thing for me is when I know “they” are right, but my heart still wants what it wants. My brain doesn’t know how to talk my heart into believing the truth.

      • There are many truths for sure. Fortunately for me I have the ability to have my head and my heart choose to disagree, make a decision and go with it and see where it leads. Still learning everyday and even learning to laugh at my folly (trying anyway.)

  1. Sorry for your woes. But you know what? From the other side of that fence? Playing it “safe” brings its own heartaches, you know? This is lovely. I hope you bounce upward soon.

    • Thank you. I think some things are just hard either way. No good choices available…but just so you don’t worry, I’m usually not depressed and several people have made me laugh outloud for real tonight, so I’m ok. Thank you for your concern and compliment.

  2. I don’t think we have any control over who we love. None. The only control we have is over our own actions. If a relationship is causing harm, then it’s not a good one. But getting out of it can be agony.

  3. In that kind of fight, Mind rarely wins. When it does, one is perceived as a little cold and calculating. Sigh. It is almost always stacked in favor of the heart – even when it is prone to make silly choices. And Heart does not ever get ridiculed as much as mind does – oh poor heart, oh romantic heart. Oh, the agony. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, maybe, I do not make sense.

  4. I’m delighted you linked up twice this week. You can link up three times if you wish and if they’re all as chock-full of good stuff as this one, then the more the merrier. I like everything about this, from the rhythm of it to the message it carries. Sometimes I think ‘they’ say too much…

    Thanks for linking up and sorry that my comments didn’t quite make it in before the new post went up. Rest assured it was read, I was just having a few technical issues! Hope you’ll be back for the weekend challenge.

  5. Ah, the id vs. ego vs. heart vs. soul vs. common sense vs. romantic vs. logical demand vs. physical desire . . .
    I hated love for a long time. Really couldn’t stand that thing. Didn’t matter; the heart gave in anyway, time and time again – and yeah – just got hurt some more. Every time.
    I do know how to love someone unconditionally, though – it’s about the only thing I know. Doesn’t matter what they do to harm me (once I love ’em) – they’re forgiven. (even that ‘trust’ thing we talked about, Hobbler – I still love those who’ve betrayed me – though I may hate what they did).
    People’s most common mistake is to think ‘because I love them, they should / need to love me’. BIG error; never expect love. I don’t. (Still having problems with that – you would think I would after 26 years of marriage and a few children.) I guess I learned it’s something one can never take for granted . . .

    “Love!” (but don’t get a broken heart).
    “Reach out and touch someone!” (but keep your hands to yourself at all times, please, sir)
    “Love is the greatest thing on earth!”
    (and if so . . . why, then, is it the most painful, and the hardest one to bear? Can you please answer me that, dear friend? . . . ouch, I see you wincing . . .)

    Love. Live life. Laugh. As best you can. That’s my advice for today . . . and a lifetime. (should package it in a pill and take it every day. And me, too, LOL!)

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