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A good friend and I were recently talking (in written form) and the subject of Freshly Pressed came up. We had slightly different view points on the phenomenon. Since it was a pretty good discussion point, I figured I’d just put my opinion out there, and see what you think:

I’ve never actually been, so I can’t say for sure, but FP seems like…hmm, ok, it’s like you are a great artist, and you have some regular fans of your work, but then one day you paint something beautiful and the owner of an art gallery happens to be walking by the dumpster you threw the rough draft into.

He sees it and suddenly you are famous. People from all over the world are telling you how much they love your work. At first it is exciting, then you get a little tired of saying thank you a million times.

You start to get annoyed that all these people love something that you had just tossed out there. Your best work is the stuff inside that only a few people really care about. Soon the hype dies down, and people stop coming to see you so much, but your real friends, and maybe a few of the new ones who recognized greatness are still around. It isn’t until you die that everyone loves you again, but that is okay, because you would rather be loved for yourself, and your hidden masterpieces, than adored for a piece of trash.

For clarification: I don’t think that FP posts are trash. Most of the ones I’ve read have been good. I just doubt that those are their authors favorite posts.


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  1. you pretty much hit it except – the attention was great and not annoying at all – just overwhelming… my stats in one day were more than one month and I had two days like that… I could tell you the exact minute mine jumped from the first page to the second…. seriously.. It;s a bit of a lonely feeling because your normal routine – if you have one of reading and commenting or the daily banter is completely knocked wonky.. and the people you “see” everyday are hard to find and By the end of day one I was literally in tears and only by the grace of a friend who was so very kind and understanding was I able to deal with it – that;s me – I don’t handle big changes all at once very well…. as it went on…I was amazed at how big the world really is… meaning, we sit here and do our thing and look at our stats and think we are doing good – and we are, but something like this happens and you realize how many people are really out there… I have tons of new followers and tons of new blogs to go to that I would never have found and thats a good thing – but I am pretty much back to normal… give or take maybe a hundred on any given day ,,, and that;s cool too but kinda … a downer too because like you said.. that;s all that some people even looked at…and not my best writing at all… and I had some serious writers block I still kinda do – not block so much but the worry that it isn;t good enough to publish .. pressure I guess which is weird and I look at my best day stats now and think I will never ever top that EVER so what now? Not my main goal for being here but still… I jsut want to keep being me… the post .. I wrote it in less than 30 mins… and right before hitting the publish button, I almost trashed it.. so I was shocked and I am hogging your comment space…. FP posts…have mass appeal.. you know what I mean? advice or issues everyone (not generalizing but I am) can relate to…. Look at EG – the subway.. mine WP… not ALL of them but it definatlely makes it more likely to get there… in my opinion,…

    • sorry but I forgot one more thing – I don’t think mine or EG’s were even terribly typical of our usual stuff – I remember commenting on his before the big moment – that I had never seen him rant…. just saying…..

    • Lizzie, you can take all the comment space you want. I wrote this whole post in a comment before putting it here. That is something that I forgot to mention. When you have so many people on a certain day, you can’t take the time to really develop a relationship with them. I love reading people’s posts, but I think it is like seeing through their window. Not in a creepy stalker way…that comes after you know you really like what you see. 😉 Just seeing a little of someone’s life, or mind, or heart is the wonderful thing.

      I worry that if I was ever FP that I would rush through answering their comments, and miss something… someone who would be really fun, someone who just needs some help. If I ever do get FP I have a plan for how I will try to give everyone the attention they need though…

      Most of your regulars will know you are busy, if you get FP, so don’t worry about us. I think it is good to enjoy the attention, and recognize that it was good…only the attention from a few of your real friends is probably better.

      • oh I’m sorry for the late reply – but the rush to get them answered was almost – frantic.. I happened to sleep though the actual posting and first hour or so – woke up to a gazillion emails wondering wth – and scrolling down found a familiar “face” and the subject was “Lizzie Pressed” so I was down over 100 by the time I even saw it…and held back at first not being my normal self – I actually went back to those days of trying to act right lol…after icaught up and got a little perspective I had a blast commenting to each one and letting my Lizzie hang out 🙂 incidentally you have to really be creative anyways because WP won;t let you comment the same thing.. so I was like – thank you 🙂 then 🙂 thank you …then 🙂 hank you:-) then Guapman said something about cutting and pasting comments and it brought me back to the whole fun of it… and I have barely even started exploring all the blogs that I told I would check them out… but all I have to do to find those and any others is go back through my comments – when you get it 🙂 dont let it overwhelm you and remember we are right round too.. because you night not think we are… and guess what I leaned recently? you can give access to others to someone to come on your blog and help you reply to comments….man if I had known that then – …. 🙂

        • The help replying sounds good. If I ever get it, I’m going to try directing the traffic to some other people’s blogs that I find funny. Famous people have an amazing power of suggestion. 😉

  2. Let me take you back to the heady days of September 2011, it was an Indian Summer, it was a beautiful clear evening and I went to the gym (that was the last time I went to the gym) then the flurry of emails begain telling me about the comments I was receiving. I jumped from the treadmill and ran home to find I had been FP’d. It was truly exciting and my subscribers went from 2 to 50 instantly. You respond to the comments as best you can. I went to sleep thinking about what a great evening that had been and what tomorrow could bring….

    Nothing,…I was gone, replaced by some photographs of a mountain and a recipe for rice krispie cakes. I waited in anticpiation for a new comment, I even read all the spam ones, but nothing more came of it, I cry myself to sleep at night remembering the best day of my life. 😉

    In truth it’s ok, it’s a little rush but it’s bullshit in other ways, some people – the good ones stick around and you become bloggy mates. Other subscribers – I checked their blogs and they have vanished, like ghosts, they wander the WordPress halls touching you occasionally with their cold dead hands then they are gone again.

    Then there are the blogging whores, they comment on every FP post but their only intention I believe is to draw focus to their blog, they sometimes add the link incase you are too stupid to find it by clicking on their name. These people say nothing interesting, they just want to be in the limelight. I mean, how can you think every single post subject is “great…thanks for sharing”

    I think you find the best blogs and best people from each other, we all catch up on each others blogs, I trust people who follow people I like so the network expands that way. It’s getting out of control actually, there are just too many good ones and I have still loads to get on board with from seeing them all on each others blogs

    • Wonderful, sad story SU. So, the FP post, was it your favorite?

      It is kind of a weird thing. Lizzie was right with her FP addicted to WordPress post. It is just such an instant gratification thing. When I first started my blog, I was ecstatic if one or two people stopped by and “liked” my posts. I kind of still get a rush from people, but at first, if people liked me, I automatically liked them back. Same with followers. I’m much more discriminate with who I follow now, but I still try to check out the people’s blogs who follow or like me.

      The first person I followed, was Japecake. He had written a post called I’d Like You To Hate To Like Me. It was FP when I found it, and it was funny for the most part, but it also really made me question my motives for writing. I decided then that I would write because I love to, and need to…regardless of whether or not anyone sees it.

      • Japecake’s great, I did find a couple from FP which lead onto seeing others, they get it right sometimes but too often it’s a bit twee.

        Nowhere near my favourite post, think I have got better and refined how I want to write and what about since but it was just some random shit and about 3 weeks after I posted it

        • Yeah, I think that the Hate To Like Me from Japecake was maybe the best I’ve read from him, but he does have a lot of good stuff. Everyone else that I’ve known who has been FP, it is not my favorite of their posts. I just like depth, and a lot of the FP ones are kind of shallow, just “don’t create waves” posts. I want controversy! Excitement! Discussion! Passion!

          • I was gonna say that, they are safe posts usually, which is when it’s a shock when someone puts up something controversial, then the comment trollers come out to play

          • there was one a few weeks back that was a huge hubaooo – the blogger disagreed with the widely held belief that a boy teasing a girl means he likes her is acceptable to tell our daughters when they come home cryiing from school and tell you little billy pulled thier hair etc…It was a great post and a made an excellent point but it brought out the haters – good NESS I would have closed up shop – because I tend to take things personally like that I mean really terrible things they said to her…. I thought there wasn’t any cussing allowed for FP but perhaps they felt it justified the issue….. no you aren;’t a comment troller!! I got a remark abouit being retarded….just one though….I felt lucky 🙂

            • Some people are such jerks. There are tactful ways to disagree with something, and when you are just mean, people don’t respect your opinion, so what’s the point?

  3. I’ve never been Freshly Pressed either, but about 10 of the bloggers I follow have been. (And I was following them before they became FP’d. I might be some kind of FP good luck charm.) I think you are right on several points. It isn’t always their best work that gets selected, though in a couple of cases, the posts were excellent. I’m always very happy for their new found success and popularity, but at the same time it saddens me as I know they may not have the time to stop by my blog and I miss hearing their thoughts on my thoughts.

    • Exactly. There are a few bloggers that I follow that were FP when I found them, but my best blogger friends I’ve met through other ways. I had the best blog moments with EG and EH, but the best part was in the comments, and not our actual posts. I didn’t know Joe until I asked him to be part of my “not so grand” conspiracy…in fact, that is when GingerSnapp, and Lizzie became closer too. Some of the bloggers I originally loved, have either gotten jobs, or stopped blogging so much, and it just is so sad. But, then every day I meet someone new here, who is different…and interesting, or funny, and I am entranced once again. I love it here. I love my blog friends. I also want to remember not to get to exclusive in who I visit, because there are so many great writers and greaat people in general. I hope that makes sense.

      • This is the best summation. It is about the people and the gold that spins out of the posts and the comments. If I am ever lucky enough to be FP’d, I would consider it to be like winning a Versatile blogger award, fun but not filled with any deep meaning. I enjoy finding kindred spirits in this world. The interaction etc is what keeps me on here. I like to think that I have made a few friends here, not so much readers, but friends. Nice post.

        • Thank you. I really love a lot of the people who are on here. There is something honest about bloggers…There is a lot of bs too, but some people really pour their hearts out, and all the distractions of physical characteristics are not here on WordPress. This might sound strange, but some of the people on here, are my best friends.

  4. I haven’t really liked most FP posts, and I don’t comment on most of them either. In fact, one or two of them have pissed me off. One of them was a really great idea, where a girl used a white board and took pictures and it was very clever.
    But most FP people I have liked I was following before they got that.
    In fact, most of them I had commented on before they got famous. Like I’ve said before, I’m in the right crowd. And that’s why we all get together on Wednesdays for group sex. I’m kidding!

    It’s Thursdays.

  5. Have to agree with Lizzie and Joe on the after-effects of FP.
    And in all sincerity (trying not to seem like the ungrateful bastard I am), in the end, it was more trouble than it’s worth.
    The comment conversations are the best part of it, and that’s harder to do with hundreds of comments, both for the blogger and the readers.
    There are blogs I used to read that have climbed to over 7000 active subscribers, and it’s great content, but there doesn’t seem to be much community in the comments. People throw in a word and it disappears into the mess.

    I’ve picked up some new followers (who seem to be active), but my attitude is still the same – I follow blogs with perspectives and voices I like, regardless of whether they like me.
    And I really enjoy the back and forth in the comments and the acceptance of new commenters by the group.

    In the end, I think Sandy and Joe put it best. For the few days I was weeded, I missed the blogs I checked regularly. Getting back to them and the conversation was more…fulfilling(?) than the FP

    And no, my fp post was neither my best nor my favorite.
    Cripes I’m wordy today.

    And since I’m going on like this, let me throw out a quick THANKS SANDY!
    Because we all know she is a much better charm than silly old Hobbler.
    Oh and LizzieC too! THANKS!!!
    And of course, I’d like to thank the makers of Cheez Whiz for this auspicious occasion.

    done now…I think…

    • You can talk as much as you’d like here GuapTalkALot. The back and forth in the comments is my favorite part too. I do worry that sometimes I put too many comments on other people’s blogs, but the conversations are amazing. Anyway, Sandy seems to be pretty cool. I just started following her today, so that should be fun. Cheez Whiz…hmmm, not sure what to say about that…

    • Oh yeah, and thanks for telling me what a beautiful illustration of an artist I wrote of. The heartbreak of being loved for something that you don’t especially value, while the things that you are truly passionate about are kept in the shadows. The superficial quality of some people, and the difficulty in telling whether or not someone really appreciates you, or is just using you in hopes of being FP themselves. I am so glad it made an impression…artists…always a critic…

    • Holy Crap EG I donlt know that I have ever witnessed you comment to such are usually quite succinct… oh wait – yes I have nevermind…..
      It is kinda hard to talk about it cause everyone thinks it is so great and you feel like an ingrate if you are asked and don;t have the pat – it;s great!.. answer… I was going to do a post but I felt like I should feel more something…and it seemed whiny even to me – even though it only said this is what happened and what it is really like….I am grateful but don;t think I deserved it more than anyone else- in fact thought it must be a mistake…. I. like EG was supremely happy to get back to my happy place and added a few reallly cool people… it;s a grass is greener thing kinda – it isn;t.. but it is an experience…. and it has become on a daily basis more about the interaction than anything – I feel like you Hobbler… friends.. ya know..

  6. I have not been FP’ed, which, I admit, is a little disappointing. However, I have not had time to read the people who have been FP’ed for over a month, so I guess I cannot comment on the quality. I will say this, though – there sure are a LOT of good writers on WordPress. It’s a little discouraging.

    • It really is crazy how many great writers there are, and that is just on! I am sure you will be FP one of these days. They just haven’t noticed Wonderbutt yet, but once they do, you will be one of the few, the proud, the freshly pressed.

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