Words, words, words…and a million dollars?

I have a friend who recently did something pretty cool with one of his posts. He already gave the answer away in the comments, but it is still worth seeing, so go to the following link if you haven’t yet, and try to guess what is special about his poem…before you read all the comments and figure it out. http://edwardhotspur.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/this-ghostly-pastime-called-memory/. If you guess it right without cheating, I think he is offering a reward of a million dollars. I could be wrong about the reward though…

8 thoughts on “Words, words, words…and a million dollars?

  1. I SAW IT! (only after I read the comments, she adds sheepishly)
    That was because I tried to hard to find something hidden. And since poetry is NOT my forte, I way over analyzed. Pretty cool, though! Nice poem.

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