Here is a little confession…I don’t listen to much music. I used to. I’m not sure exactly what happened, except I had kids which make life noisy enough. I also stopped driving, which was where I had listened to the radio the most often.

Anyway, there are a lot of my good blogger friends who reference songs quite frequently. El Guapo does it every day, and JoeHoover has a cover version contest thing. Hotspur and Lizzie put music videos up sometimes, and today Brian Westbye was talking about it. Anyway, maybe you all are trying to tell me something. Maybe if I play music, the kids will be quieter, or at least it will be easier to tune the screaming out.

So, in honor of all my music loving friends, I am going to try it for a while…just having music playing around the house, and see if the volume of my children is any different. Here is a video of a song I like that I stumbled across when looking at Joe’s cover contest:

28 thoughts on “Music

  1. Why does no one he barges into in that video turn round and smash him?

    I think I saw him in Chiswick once, he was tiny, so may not have been him, but he was with the woman from Spirtualized at the time and sure it was her too. He didn’t have the same swagger on Chiswick HIgh Road, he was probably doing lunch or shopping in an overpriced baby clothes store. Chiswick is this wealthy, bland part of West London, I lived there for 4 years but then wonderd why I had been living in London for 4 years but was not living in London if you know what I mean, it was too polished, as soon as I moved to Camden a woman was squatting down pissing outside the tube station – I’d finally arrived!

  2. Love the tune! ya know – I have the radio on 24/7.. all my favotie stations are within an inch of each of each other and if I want to change my mood a little or whatever, I change the station.. last summer I spent hours on YouTube…I had it in my head to seach for the perfect song to say what I was feeling – ended up with hundreds….I gt lost tripping down the side bars when I go looking for one tune and find old ones from the – time I was growing up… it just has always been part of my life and expression… sometimes in certain ..phases.. I listen and hear the colors… we haven;t had tv since September. my car is the one place I don;t have music unless I put Pandora on my phone… when there is silence – I am unsettled…. it seems your experiment turned out good? Hey there is still time to submit a playlist for Happy Talk – I am not actually sure I will be able to do it this week but if I have a playlist from someone – like you 🙂 I might be extra motivated…. the form is on the words and thoughts of the week page….

    • I can try to remember the ones I loved the most. It really was just beautiful. For me…my kids, not so much. I actually got more housework and stuff done too. It was weird though. I don’t know why I haven’t been listening. I think it helped my sanity level stay down, or should that be up? Anyway, it helped my mood too.

  3. Like you, I rarely listen to music anymore except when I’m in my car & I usually take public transportation. Used to love music, but I just got away from it, not sure why. Like the songs of my generation & a very few new ones. Surprisingly I like some of Lady Gaga’s songs!

    • It was really nice to just play music the other day, though. It also is nice to know that there are people out there who understand. I like some of Lady Gaga ‘s stuff too. She is a very talented woman.

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