Why I Hate To Cook: Top Ten

#10. My mom read Hansel and Gretel to me and I’ve been scared of ovens ever since.

#9.  I’m trying to prove that preservatives are bad for you by eating only pre-cooked meals.

#8. It is a chore that never truly ends (similar to laundry and brushing your teeth).

#7. Too many reality tv shows about cooking…it’s way over-rated.

#6. Every ounce of energy and time spent cooking creates a waste after the meal… dishes, trash, leftover storage, moldy disposal of previous leftovers, bodily waste, and don’t get me started on picky eaters or other dinner time drama.

#5. Somehow a hair ends up in too many dishes. (Never the ones we serve to guests so if you are coming over, don’t worry).

#4. The pots and pans look so much nicer when they have never been used.

#3. Every time I chop vegetables, I worry that I might be killing the Veggie Tales characters.

#2. There are so many readily available crappy food restaurants, why make your own?

#1. If God had wanted me to cook, I wouldn’t only be able to make babies in my “oven”.

33 thoughts on “Why I Hate To Cook: Top Ten

  1. #10 and #3 seriously cracked me up. But honestly, I like cooking haha. Although, after reading your post, I’ll have to ask myself again if I do….

  2. #s 4 and 6 resonate with me best. It is just an endless task of chopping, cooking, cleaning, eating cleaning chopping… now I am getting muddled.
    I wish there are disposable pots and pans. πŸ™‚

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