You can tell me…

I took my daughter to school today on the wheelchair. Then Iย went to the library. Throughout the day I noticed that some people were looking at me funny…smiles of condolences, darting eyes, etc. Anyway, you all will tell me the truth right?

Does this wheelchair make my butt look big?

In other news, you know it is spring when you get your first sunburn, so welcome spring…next time, sunblock.

39 thoughts on “You can tell me…

  1. Don’t let Ginger know you were out without sunblock.
    Actually, the chairs makes your ears look silly. You should really get something done about that.

  2. Lol you are hilarious! I have to share your blog with my sister. She’s a brain cancer survivor and she’d love to know that there are other people struggling who are making the best of it.

  3. I thought it made your toes look a little longish – butt as far as your butt – ? ๐Ÿ™‚ No dahhling it;s magnificent. It frames your butt quite nicely… If I were staring it would be from envy… that I could not have my posterior framed so well. True Story

    I’m sorry – a little behind on my reading – gonna catch up this weekend – is your chair motorized? like a hover round? I just don;t want you to get chair jacked – those things are a hot commodity – see you think people are thinking your ass is big and really they are checking you out ๐Ÿ™‚ your chair… lol…ok I ‘ll stop.

    • Don’t worry about checking my posts, I’ve been bored and writing a lot. Someone got killed and had their power chair stolen not too long ago. Don’t worry, I’ll send out my code phrase before I die, but yeah, mine is power with pink smokey flames on it, so it would be a good target for thugs who have never been taught right. You shouldn’t steal from disabled people.

      Anyway, thanks for the framing butt comments. I hade it tailor made. It really is too skinny and uncomfortable for a lot of other people.

  4. I don’t know what I would do if I saw a woman in a wheelchair going down the street topless. After she got too far away for my video camera, I mean. “Does this wheelchair make my boobs look big?” LOL!

  5. I once heard a story told by a comedian (can’t remember who) whose wife asked if a particular dress made he butt look big. He replied, “No, the dress has nothing to do with it… it’s the fault of all the cheesecake you eat”. I’m betting he didn’t say that in real life!

    • Hey, it’s nice to see you again. I’ve seen you around a bit, but I thought you were probably focussing on the photography side of WP. Anyway, that is funny, and I’m guessing he didn’t say it in real life too.

      • I’ve been only able to blog in 15-minute spurts… my wife hasn’t been working much since the fall, I cannot goof off as much as I used to at work (extra duties, training people, etc.) and every time I turn around there is some pressing project to get done.

        • That makes sense. Just don’t work too hard. WordPress has been my therapy, and even if you don’t need therapy, I think all of us writers need to express our art when we get a chance. If you get a chance, read my blog funeral/kidnapping/torture post too. It outlines some suggestions if you have to disappear for some reason. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Ha-ha! The guy who fills in for me when I’m off quit, so my boss had me train a relative to do the job. The guy has none of the requisite skills (including passable English) so I had one day off in three weeks. So my boss told me that I have to watch the overtime because he’s getting flack from his boss. What does he want me to do, work and not punch the clock? Oh, lotto Gods… your humble servant awaits!

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