A Relaxing Moment With A Pessimistic Over-Analyzer

This relaxing moment brought to you by Bob McFarrin

(whistling) Here’s a little song i wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, don’t worry, be happy
in every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double don’t worry, be happy

Okay, but what if I don’t really want to sing it right now. I am actually having dinner…Wait, did he just say worrying will double my trouble?

dont worry be happy now dont worry be happy dont worry be happy dont worry be happy dont worry be happy aint got no place to lay your head, somebody came and took your bed, don’t worry, be happy

A little repetitive don’t you think? Are you kidding me? Someone took your bed and you are just sitting around whistling? Shouldn’t you be calling the police or something…be happy?

the landlord say your rent is late, he may have to litagate, dont worry (small laugh) be happy,
look at me im happy, don’t worry, be happy

Woah, hold on, your landlord is going to take you to court now. No, let’s not worry about that. Just sing while your credit goes through the floor…

i give you my phone number, when your worried, call me, i make you happy
don’t worry, be happy

Ummmm, really? You are going to give me your number…I could be an escaped mental patient for all you know.

aint got no cash, aint got no style, aint got no gal to make you smile but don’t worry, be happy
cos when you worry, your face will frown, and that will bring everybody down, so don’t worry, be happy

Thanks for telling me I’m a broke, poorly dressed loser who can’t even get a date. I really appreciate it. Now I am all that stuff, plus a downer for everyone else. Yeah, thanks…

don’t worry, be happy now…
don’t worry, be happy don’t worry, be happy don’t worry, be happy don’t worry, be happy

You are starting to sound a little like a broken record there, did your two-year-old write this part?

now there this song i wrote i hope you you learned it note for note like good little children
dont worry be happy

Well, that answers that question.

listen to what i say in your life expect some trouble when you worry you make it double dont worry be happy be happy now
dont worry, be happy dont worry, be happy dont worry, be happy dont worry, be happy dont worry dont worry be happy

Oh, wait, now I get it, you don’t want me to worry…just be happy…sorry it took 18 times to drill that lesson through my head. I’m going to go run through a field of flowers now…or jump off a bridge!

 don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t do it, be happy,put a smile on your face, don’t bring everybody down like this
don’t worry, it will soon pass whatever it is, don’t worry, be happy, i’m not worried

Sorry, sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to bring you down by not following this song’s instructions. I’m sure the death of my goldfish will pass in a few minutes and he will start shaking his tail to the rhythm of this song…I need a drink.

source: http://www.lyrics007.com/Bob%20Marley%20Lyrics/Don’t%20Worry,%20Be%20Happy%20Lyrics.html

31 thoughts on “A Relaxing Moment With A Pessimistic Over-Analyzer

  1. Ummm, Hobbs? I gave you my phone number, remember? Are you trying to tell me something? Will you be visiting soon honey? Should I worry, or just be happy? Am I asking too many questions?? a

    • This one was just fun to write, no overanalyzing required. I love the video at the end. If you can’t watch that without smiling there is something wrong with you.

    • Me too sometimes, but if you can’t watch the video at the end without smiling at least a little, well, that is when there really is something wrong with you. 😉

      • I looked into what MS do for fundraising in the UK, there were loads of runs and better for me, cycles, I lwas looking last night and you can cycle from London to various points along the coast but then you have to get back somehow so this seemed silly, but I found a great one, the London Nightrider, starts at midnight and takes about 6-8 hours and does a full circle across London, but you have to raise the money in less than 2 weeks since I only just started looking so that’s not very likely. I’m gonna do it next year though.

        • How much money would you have to raise? Regardless of the answer to all my questions…you doing that is incredible. How do you feel about jumping out of a plane? I want to start a “Why Walk When You Could Fly” fundraiser thing where I would get to do all the flight stuff imaginable and raise money for MS at the same time.

          • £175, it’s not much at all, but would need to give everyone more time than that on top of registration fee, and I have to get a cycle helmet as I cycle without one but you have to wear it for this, and I need to persuade someone else to cycle with me so it’s a shame I just noticed it now.

            I’m not fit enough as I usually cycle to work and back 7 miles each way but have been lazy for the last 6 months and not cycled.

            I would never do a skydive, plummeting sounds horrendous, I’m good on two wheels and would get some great photos of London when the sun rises.

            I don’t have a particular charity I support, I give to all my friends when they do stuff like this. But they all do running which I am no good at. It’ll be in aid of MS or the cat’s home so it may as well be MS!

            Actually I do know someone with MS, not very well though, a friend of a friend, she’s a lesbian punk with MS.

            • It sounds like it will be so much fun. I am going to plan my skydive probably next year, but I don’t know. Maybe this summer. In my head, I start this thing and pretty soon it becomes a national and then international event. The problem is that I am a big dreamer. Not a good planner.

              Anyway, thanks for the link, I will check it out in just a bit. It would be fun to do the ride with some friends, and I can see why you would want to get in better shape for such a long ride. The skydive thing is my motivation for trying to get in better shape. It always takes something. 😉

                • Yeah, it will take you longer, so it won’t be right after work…just as quickly as you can on a bike right? 😉 Do you get drunk every night, or is more of a “just hanging out” thing?

                  • I actually only go out only a couple nights for 1 or 2 drinks is all. I then drink on a Friday night all night and then actually usually stay in Saturdays. I’m not as bad as I make out, I’m getting on a bit now, my liver can’t take it.

                    • You aren’t supposed to suck up drinks like there is no tomorrow. 😉 I’m glad that you aren’t drunk all the time. If you were, I would have to question your motives for talking to me.

                    • You should post some SU! I would love to see the face behind the finger gravatar. Anyway, it is okay to look/feel/be drunk sometimes, so I don’t think me or anyone else would judge you too harshly.

                    • I am not photogenic, of course I’m gorgeous in the flesh but it never translates to film 😀

                      I explain it in an older post wherby I look better in a reflection than straight on, I musn’t by symmetrical

                      If I do stop being too shy to put photos of me it won’t be the drunk ones, any I have to pose for I look terrible, I need to be caught unawares

                    • I hate pictures of myself too. I just overanalyze my flaws. I did promise to put some up after the MS Walk though. Just give the camera to one of your drunk friends sometime. I’m sure they will take some good shots of you.

    • I’m am so glad you liked it! If you enjoy the overanalyzing side of it, you should read some of the other posts in the OAA category. I just have a little too much experience I think. 😉

  2. just perfectly OA’d!!! Now, you probably were only a gleam in your parents’ minds at the time, but I remember when Bobby first came out with this. It went viral, before there even was a viral!!! Did you know it is acapella? All vocals!!!
    Love the post, kiddo!!! Never saw the vid before, (I think), but it is a RIOT!!!
    Nother piece of useless trivia, Bobby McFerrin was “Creative Chair” (whatever that means) of the St Paul (MN) Chamber Orchestra (my part of the globe). He’s been involved with many bigger and better city orchestras too (Chicago, NY, etc).
    anyhoo… l8r g8r…


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