This might be the most boring post I’ve written.

So, why are you still reading? Seriously? You just love me that much that I can say this is going to be incredibly boring and still have you spellbound? Good, that is right where I want you. Most of the time. Some of you I might want in other places, but you know what I mean, right?

Okay, so on with the boredom…I went to the Dr. today. By Friday I will should have seen 5 different specialists within a week. I am still thinking of backing out of the last two, so we will see. Anyway, today I met with the Dr. who will give my Botox next, hopefully in a few weeks. She is giving me 300 units when she does it. That is awesome. The first time I had it done they just gave me 100, so the more drugs the better right? Did you know Botox is short for Botulinum toxin? It is “the most powerful neurotoxin yet discovered”. So, you might as well just start calling me SuperWoman now.

In other boring news, tomorrow I have my second spa treatment, aka being hooked to an IV for 2 hours. It really is wonderful though. I am hoping this time doesn’t make me feel as crappy as I did after the last one. Just in case, you should be prepared to thoroughly entertain me with your posts tomorrow. I think the side effects last time were mostly side effects of trying to make my day away from home as long as possible. If I do feel badly, it might mean I am getting the real drug, vs. the possibility of a placebo. That means, you might as well just start calling me SuperWonderWoman.

Anyway, I might write a fill in the blank mad lib style thing while I am there. What do you think?

I’m sorry, I just can’t do this anymore. I am boring myself. Just wish me luck, joy, happiness, and that there won’t be any kryptonite lying around there.


47 thoughts on “This might be the most boring post I’ve written.

    • Thanks. I don’t think it will since I’m not going to be there all day, like last time. Every 3rd month will be an all day thing, but tomorrow should just be the 2 hours.

    • Thanks Brad! I’m much more boring in person than I usual am on here, but I appreciate you commenting on this. Okay, I’ve seen you around for a while, and I always wonder, what’s the story behind your blog name?

      • It Was Actually A Joke At First.
        I Heard It A Couple Times While Watching Some Cheesy-Ass Flicks From The 1970s, And I Said It Aloud To My Best Friend Who Was Totally Unable To Stop Laughing At My Attempt To Sound Like A Black Dude From A 70s Movie.
        One Week Later…
        …When I Finally Decided To Try My Hand At This Bloggin’ing Stuff…
        …I Needed A Name.
        And “You Jivin’ Me, Turkey?” Popped Back Into My Head, And It Made Me Giggle A Bundle.
        So I Said Oh Well, Why NOT, And I Went With It.
        I Haven’t Looked Back Since! 😉
        Now, I Can’t Think Of Anything I’d Rather Have As The Title.
        Odd How These Things Happen, Fo SHO.
        But I’m SUPER-DUPER Pleased It Happened As It Did!!!

  1. You need a sidekick. I volunteer. I’ll be something like Grimace Girl because I am not funny. Hey, we can’t all be born with the brilliant funny gene like you have, so I’ve stopped trying. Or you can pick a name for me. Either way, I want a shiny cape. And a mask. A mask would be nice. And fake hard boobs. I want those too. And a…………..

  2. I have no clue what’s going on because I haven’t been here for the whole story, but thanks, the title made me laugh. I’d say you do have to be a pretty good blogger to have 45 (46 now?) comments and 15 (16 now?) likes on your post titled “This might be the most boring post I’ve written”. I think we all wanted to see if it was actually boring

    • I just pay a few people to comment over and over. 😉 I have ms, and am doing this clinical trial thing, but that is the boring part. You all are the fun part, and I love trying to find titles that draw people in.

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