Backyard Beauty

I just got my socks all muddy going across the yard to take a pic of our first flowers of the season. Other than those that had bloomed under a rock. Yeah, I could have just put shoes on, but it wouldn’t have been as meaningful then right? Anyway, they are all just cell phone pics, so don’t be a hater.

This one is just a pretty shot from the other morning as I was conversing with some of my favorite bloggers. I love spring.

30 thoughts on “Backyard Beauty

  1. Do you know what kind of flower that is? I’m pretty sure my mom grows the same thing in her yard.

  2. Oh! I have a Clematis ( umm, that word always sound dirty to me, wink wink), and when it blooms, I will send you a pic! A pic of the Flower, that grows outside my house, and not a pic of anything that sounds like ‘Clematis’!

  3. At least you weren’t left out there this time!

    I’m amazed by what pops up in my garden (if I can call it that, it’s a small courtyard) every year, I’ve never planted anything but they are always changing, then again my cat sitter is a florist so she probably does it once a year, but it’s still a nice suprise.

  4. Very pretty! Don’t you just love spring? We certainly do! Have been clearing, cleaning, and planting gardens, flowers, and seeds like mad this particular season after about a five year hiatus. We hope you enjoy the show! And ‘pooh’ on those socks; we go outside in bare feet and wade in the mud. Nothing like mud squishing through your toes – or the tickle of grass blades under your foot! Enjoy! Have fun. Admire the beauty, and as we often say: Pay attention to the little things, you’ll have a lot more fun. And you’ll never miss the big ones. But the delight in a ladybug or a foraging ant . . . yeah, we’re kind of a kid (soft smile; sly one at that: wink wink!). Have fun!

    • I love watching insects too. Last spring we had a spider make a web and leave babies in a strawberry patch. I went to pick the strawberries, and there were…hundreds of little spiders, streaming off like in Charolette’s Web. It was beautiful and fascinating.

  5. I love Clematis, my early bloomer isn’t yet but it should be soon. I really like the last photo, good shot! I love spring too. Spring. Is my new years, a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and rebirth.

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