Roses are red:

Red lights can give things a sultry glow.
Fantasies of things you really shouldn’t know.
The color of blood when you’re being torn apart,
It seeps quickly out of a broken heart.
Red like a berry, juicy and sweet.
Red like tomatoes, the garden “in heat”
Red is the marking, the deadly flip side
On a black widow spider that was trying to hide.
A rod, drawn from the fire, burning red-hot;
Reminding you of things you wish you forgot.
Fingers gently probing to seek,
The flush of your face when you’re reaching your peak
Lips drawn in anger, gasps of surprise;
Seductive and playful, gates to the lies
Roses are red and violets are blue,
But love, like a fairy-tale, is often not true.

25 thoughts on “Roses are red:

  1. This is really good. I wish schools analyzed poetry like this in lit class instead of Shakespeare all the time. It would expose students to different “voices”, if that makes sense. I also like that you said don’t over-analyze it… because that is what lit classes in school do! 🙂

    • Thanks so much. Yeah, the voices makes sense, although maybe I shouldn’t go there. 😉 I am a huge over-analyzer, and I often can get so far off base, it’s not even funny. I am sure you could over-analyze this, and probably come up with a lot of truth, but the lies mixed in would kind of negate the truth. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Red is the color of some types of mulch
    Or of riding the cotton pony to Blood Gulch
    Red is a song by a band called Chevelle
    Or three-week-old flowers that are starting to smell

  3. I think love is true; but too often the scale isn’t balanced and only one person is in love. To find happiness the love must be true for two.

    Excellent poem! I felt it.

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