What noise?

This weekend’s Trifextra is fun, and a little different. We had to use these terms in order: cacophony, soap, and insects.

The cacophony in his head was almost too much to bear. He had tried rinsing it out with soap to no avail. Finally, at the hospital, the insects were removed from his ear.

42 thoughts on “What noise?

  1. Good job! And in 33 words! I like that it begins in a way that made me wonder about the guy’s sanity, but ends with a twist both humorous and relieving.

    • Thanks! I always like to do short Trifecta’s because there are so many other great writers we all like to check out. I figure the least I can do is speed up that process.

  2. Many many years ago when TV was still black and white I watched a movie where a guy had an ear wig lay eggs in his head. I’ve always had a fear of that happening ever since. Good writing. I’m amazed you were able to tell a whole story in 33 words!

  3. Wow. At first, I was skeptical of the wording, “he tried rinsing it out with soap” in reference to the head as a little off, but then there were insects inside! Shocking!

    (Still, I don’t think you would use soap, would you? I once got a piece of hot meat stuck in my ear, but you don’t really need to clean that out… So I guess I don’t know.)

    • Honestly, I would use everything possible if I had a bug in my ear. Especially a june bug (featured image pic) I hate those things. How could you get a piece of hot meat in your ear? Anyway, I haven’t had anything like that stuck in my ear thankfully. I would freak out to the extreme. Thanks for stopping by.

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