Can’t think of a good title for this…

I just tried something that, although it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, it should probably be consumed mostly by people who are stoned and have the munchies. Not like I’d know anything about that…just “in theory”. The Dorito Taco from Taco Bell. There really isn’t a better way to describe it than a good “munchies” food.

A million times more important than that, we still haven’t heard from Bats. If you pray, pray for her. If you don’t pray, think of her. If you can’t find the time to think of her, then get off my blog. Seriously. This is not just some name. This is life or death. If you can’t understand that, I don’t want you on here.

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      • I’ve fallen off the wagon before, and it seriously blows. Takes a few days to get where you want to deal with anyone else. I wouldn’t really start panicking just yet. Just pray. That is the best thing you can do right now.

        Your friend,

            • I don’t know her well. But I ran out of my sleeping pills yesterday, and it was to late to get them filled. Then I saw GingerSnapps tweet. I couldn’t have slept much anyway, so I just kept commenting on her blog. Hoping that even if she didn’t approve the comments, she was reading them. Or she would today. It was a one sided conversation, but I just feel connected to her. I just want her to be okay, so I can get to know her.

              • She probably passed out, and when she woke up avoided contact with the outside world. These depressions we go through are really aggravated by alcohol, and the guilt and shame are enormous. You did the right thing trying to keep her talking, but I’m going to venture out from what I was reading on her site that she reacts somewhat the same way I did. It could be a little while before she is ready to respond, but knowing people cared enough to keep the lines of communication open will make a big difference, if she’s anything like me.

  1. I’m sick thinking of that taco. And especially sick thinking of Bats. This is the first I’ve heard of her today, but I find myself hitting refresh every few minutes hoping for a check-in.

    • Me too. I didn’t even know her until just reading that last night, and she responded for a few minutes and it sounded like she at least knew people cared, but then she just dropped off. I know depression and suicidal thoughts and actions, and I just feel a connection with her. It has consumed my thoughts all day. Thanks for caring.

  2. I left a comment on her site this morning at 11 a.m. and it’s still awaiting moderation, which is worrisome. I don’t know her, only heard of her via your blog post but my heart goes out for her.

    • Me too, I just keep thinking what if it’s too late? If I had known a few days or weeks ago, would I have reached out to her like I’m doing now?

      • I feel for her and for you – it’s the helplessness that’s so awful. You’ve done everything you can. Without knowing more information about her…that’s the good and bad thing about social media – we can be as anonymous as we choose to be.

  3. Bird, good point. I haven’t relapsed, but I sure know the feeling of hell and agony and utter mortification that comes with addiction, and that feeling of never wanting to surface again. Hopefully that’s all it is.

  4. Alka-seltzer?
    I went and posted on Bats – and subbed, too. I’m approaching my sixth-year in recovery. It’s not easy. But if she’s bipolar, she’s self-medicating with alcohol and it won’t stop until she gets on the proper meds. My first husband was an alcoholic bi-polar abusive asshole. (he’s why I turned to drugs). He would never stay on the doc’s meds and prefered his booze instead. It’d make him violent every night. But I did notice that on the rare occasion he’s smoke weed, he was actually normal and not bad to be around. I can’t stand the stuff myself, but after seeing how it would help him with his drastic mood swings, plus a few others I know with chronic illnesses, I’m all for the legalization of it. I have to wonder if Bats ever tried it? I’m not promoting the use of illegal drugs, but…..

    • I am all for legalizing marijuana, but I doubt I would use it now. It can help people relax. I smoked it all the time as a teen. That, and a few other drugs have given me an interesting viewpoint on a lot of different things. I hope that she is just getting up and thinking, and hasn’t even looked at her computer. Hopefully when she does, she will never feel alone again.

      • She won’t. It’s good to know people care. But she has to be the one to make that decision to quit or not. I know this from my own experiences. Doesn’t matter who cares or how much, it has to come from within.

              • Me, too. The guy I had been dating the past year (but let him go here recently after my health started crapping out – physical needs I cannot fulfill for him), anyway… he’s in recovery too. Primarily alcohol. He always has a hard time at that 3 year mark, and didn’t make it this past time either. Not sure why, but I’ve seen this with my of my recovery friends. Something about that 3 years…. Me, no problem. My drug abuse wrecked my life and if I go back, I will die. Especially now with my health problems. It will kill me.

                • That is scary. It sounds like you are doing really good with it, especially when you’ve been around people who are struggling or using too. I have never had alcohol problems, but prescriptions…well, even that…I don’t have as much of an addiction as a tendency to OD when I get too stressed. It is just easy, you know? I imagine alcohol would be similar since it is so easily accessible.

                  Anyway, I think I’ve done about everything I can do at this point for Bats, except keep hoping, praying, checking on her. I think part of the thing bothering me is the whole blog thing. You just don’t know what people are going through, or who is going through stuff. It scares me to think that I could miss warning signs, or just off-handedly make a comment that really is just the last straw for someone.

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