Re: Assistance Requested or whatever I called that post…

Some of you have left suggestions for writing topics for Monday’s Trifecta. If you haven’t suggested anything, but would like me to use your idea, please leave it today. On Sunday I will put the suggestions in a poll, and the one with the most votes will be what I use. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Re: Assistance Requested or whatever I called that post…

  1. I think I’m new to this Trifecta thing, but I want you to write about exterminators and women’s panties…Just saying…

    • Lol, this trifecta should be fun. You should do it if you haven’t, the normal way of course. I’m just trying to make it even more interesting. 😉

    • Sounds fun. I’ll put the idea in a poll for next week. I am just trying this out for a while, but hopefully people will vote and choose my topic for next week’s Trifecta too.

      • I voted just a bit ago on the poll you have up. It’s a great idea you had. I feel so stuck right now w/ my writing. It’s like I’ve hit a dead end. Don’t love it.

        • I already said that I’m going to do the exterminators and woman’s panties…it was winning yesterday, but why don’t you do a poll to see what you should write about? You might be inspired just by hearing the Trifecta prompt too. Sorry you feel like you’ve hit a dead end. I have felt like that too, plenty of times, and it sucks.

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