To a certain shiny stalker I know…

This video is for GingerSnaap:

For those of you who really are stalked…


16 thoughts on “To a certain shiny stalker I know…

  1. Sniff-Sniff. I’m all verklempt Holly Hobbler!

    Shiny Happy people holding hands. *Heavy Sigh*

    For the record, I do not stalk alone, but I cannot reveal my shiny sources. (But if you have $50,000 you wanna give me, I could be persuaded to give you a name or two)

    • Glad you like it, and thanks. I am currently only stalking one or two people. Kind of…I occasionally stalk others, but I am trying to back off a bit. Anyway, thanks for getting the word about Bats. It really made my day when she showed up.

    • The main person I stalk at the moment is Joe, and I threatened to “lick his windows” in a dillusional moment. He took it well, but that is what I was thinking about when I found the “Creepy” Weird Al video. 😉

      • I think ‘licking somebody’s windows’ is perfectly acceptable in today’s world!

        I’ve never been to London, so we can go lick his windows together and help him win trivia contests and stuff!

        • Thanks. He is just a sweetheart. I’ve got to find some other people who would be fun to stalk though…just in case I ever freak him out too bad.

  2. So my daughter is watching the Shiny people video with me and says of Kate Pierson “Mom, she’s weird, and Mom, she’s like you”.

    Out of the mouths of baby trolls….

  3. Is that your dog in a car outside my window? It was there all day yesterday yapping. Of course keeping a dog in a car is terrible but in my defence I thought it was from next doors house, only when it got to midnight and I decided to get up off the sofa that I had a look. I was going to call the police but then someone came for it and they drove off. But you probably know that already…?

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